It’s been couple and a half years since whenIndians are being introduced to a term called ‘Collective Development.’ The effect of this term is collated even by the other powerful economies of the World. 

A political leader tookover the rule by promoting his own face as the face of development and surprisingly in a country like India, this leader’s party agreed to work under his face. I specifically mentioned the country like India is because here there is a stiff competition in all fields and politics is considered as a sludge of manipulations, political arbitrages and self-centered people and ‘families’. Even though all such things existed, this face of development started its rule. The agenda of this newly formed government contained more of sentimental and nationalistic approach towards governance. They had ample of time to observe the then-existed government, find the loopholes from the 10 year-long administration and design their agenda and then present it in the new bottle. The wine has been bitter for those who were suffering. People of India were finding an option.(like a husbands looking for change in his 10 year old married life)
To be honest now the days are changed where subjects are not expecting much from their kings, as they know ‘rockefellers’ are everywhere but giving a chance to one who has a better face. And yes,  this formula worked for BJP(Bharatiya Janata Party).An Indian political party that had a good political credibility.(and they are maintaining it comparitively well.)So the crown came to them. 

Now lets begin with the current scenario. This week has been started with a grand chaos among people of India,where the chaos’s been erupted because of the sudden ban on high-valued currency denominations from Indian economy.

They declared this as an action upon the money launderers who have been causing harm to Indian economy by saturation of currency at limited nodes and resulting into problems like inflation,currency deficite and then it was birthing crimes such as spread of fake currencies,tax evading, indirect funding to terrorism and war lords as well as drug trafficing activities. By this sudden ban (though few say that news was leaked only among criminals first) economists and thinkers feel that there would be a great inflow of high value currency would start coming to banks and the evaders would be traced while transactions are taking place. This would have a positive effect on Indianeconomy and new discipline can be introduced in many of Indian industries. 

Cash in hand is something that is necessary while transacting in countries like India. Most of  FMCG requirements are  still fulfilled against cash. But this sudden action has caused a huge impact on such sectors. There have been incidents like burning of notes in bundles, throwing them in dustbins or even advance payments of taxes, salaries, debts etc. But accordibg to the finance ministry, any transaction that has been done through bank would have a footmark left behind and would lead to legal actions on tax evaders. 

This whole thing has created a huge trouble for those who didn’t handled any cash in hand but had to walk upto banks to withdraw as per their requirements. Surprisingly, though these decisions were made to catch the evaders or those big shots who have been hanging around with bundles of cash in the pockets were hardly seen at any of these banks. Though there were long queus outside the banks, most of them (I think all of them) were middle class or people who had their hard earned money kept for emergencies. They all had come out feeling that even they would be enquired for what they had in their accounts which wasn’t the case though. 

There have been a mixture of opinions about this decision as per the day that passed and as per the level of frustration these all queued people were going through. Many of the political scientist started their discussions in their air-conditioned rooms by  showing the empathy towards all these people, but the fact was things kept on improving day by day and the oppose was neutralised with the time that passed. 

Now let me tell you, that I have written this article on the 4th day of that weakening week. But things were really horrible for everyone, including the economy. People are running for money,(yes, this time its running for money & not behind money)have kept their spirits unturned till now. Have been managing in whatever banks giving them.(though the bank has taken their money to use it for bank’s own benefit)Humanity was witnessed at multiple places, patience were kept and even broken out during all these days. Casualities, formalities everything was visible out there, but where were thieves, those for whom this trap was made. . . . let the time tell us everything. 

They all say that, the transition has its own way of confusing people but when it makes the way out, suddenly everything starts making sense. . . . . Tonz of cash has been tracked down,  more might be on its way. India has come in limelight  of the world by banning old 500 & 1000 currency notes and making tonz of cash notes worth a ‘0’ value. There would definately be attempts of thieves who will still try & save their ****s but still something is better than nothing, isnt it? 

I am optimistic about all this. . . are you too? ? ? 

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear

One more 15 word story! ! ! ! Start counting words & start scratching your heads if I say:-

The company made the teddy bear for children to smile which worked the other way when the gang found it in the garden & destructively used it at theme park.

Here its about the teddy bear which a gang found it at a garden & then was used for destructive purpose. The place where they found it & where it was used,  both were places where children run around but as  words suggest the medium of smile turned into a reason for sorrows. Now what exactly negative happened is yet unknown but for sure the teddy bear has gone in wrong hands.



Mailbox was empty for long, only letter it received was a will document from John’s late aunt ‘Jeanne.’

This time the 15 words exercise has a story that may cause curiosity to reach its peak. The story has possible characters because in 15 words nothing is clear and everything’s under foggy cover.

John, who is somehow related with late aunt Jeanne who is no more. This mailbox has been empty for long time,which says a lot of things. Maybe John isn’t so much social person or he might not be using mailbox address any more or he isn’t a good person but his late aunt knows him better than anyone else because of which she decided to add his name in her will…

15 words, multiple meanings. Strange, isn’t it! ! !

​Sandy & Diego

​Sandy & Diego

This title might resemble to some popular city but it has nothing to do with it or there is no part in the story which is inspired by that name or location. This is just a small sweet story with an answer at the end. And thats it! !
Sandy died in an accident that happened at an art gallery. Sandy was a great artist but was a shy person. He was ridiculously reserved when it came to sharing his interests.He was a person who had seen a great time in his life & before he could see some worst, he died.

He was an illiterate who left his schooling before the results. He was a loner  who used to do lots of mischief only when Shiffy was accompanied with him. Shiffy was his sweet loyal dog of shipperk breed who has been with Sandy for last eight months since Sandy saved him from starving at a freezing cold night. Since that night, Shiffy never left Sandy alone.

Whether, Sandy feed him or he himself sleep in hunger, Shiffy accompanied Sandy everywhere and in every situation. Even Sandy repaid that loyalty with enough care. The only tragedy was they couldn’t see each other before they died. Though they were dieing to see each other when dieing.

So one fine day there was a fine art exhibition happening at the gallery where a crazy artist had kept his artwork on display. It was a torch made up of clay that had a flame litted on it. According to the artist, this flame & its colour is a reflection of a person’s mind who is looking at it. The more pleasant feeling viewer has in his mind. . . pleasant would be the colours the flame would change to. More the greyish thoughts one would have, darker would be the colours of the flame.

Audience started experimenting with this torch by using their own minds. Even Sandy started gazing at the torch from the ticket window. He realised the secret of this torch. He was shocked to see something that he had seen few years ago.

The exhibition was running successfully for extended weeks  and the reason was only because of this ‘Mindful Torch.’ Yes,by this time the audience had named this torch, ‘The Mindful Torch.’ They all had started believing that this torch has something catchy in it, to call it a catch,  and Sandy had already caught the catch & now was going to reveal it.  He was an artist at heart, but he never had appreciated fooling the audience & calling that work an art,  Except that one moment. . . . .

Now, it was the 6th week of this exhibition. One evening when the art gallery was about to close,  Sandy decided to approach the artist who was busy in doing something at the torch.

There were very few visitors had left at the gallery.

Sandy approached him & made his first dialogue with him. He came to know about the artist’s name which was Diego. Diego was having a pleasant personality.

Shiffy was with Sandy but he asked Shiffy to reach home as he wanted some lone time to talk to Diego. Shiffy obeyed the orders & left the gallery. Here Sandy started advising Diego about stopping this crooky way of earning popularity. Sandy had already seen many great artists while working at this gallery. He never wanted this Diego to continue this way of playing with trust of people. Diego asked what Sandy know about this art & how can he call Diego a crook.

Sandy took out a small tube of glitter. He took some glitter on his hand. Threw the glitter at the flame,  and surprisingly it changed its colour. Glitter was of golden colour,even flame took that similar colour.

Here on the other side Shiffy wasn’t happy about living his master alone. He had come little away from the gallery. He stopped walking & turned back towards the gallery. He started his walk towards the gallery. He increased his pace & making his way through the busy street.

Diego realised that Sandy may cause harm to his profits that were growing day by day at this gallery. He continued staring at Sandy when Sandy was looking at him and telling him to stop this crooking business. Diego quickly took out a stabber & tried stabbing Sandy in his abdomen but what a surprise! ! ! !

Stabber simply passed by the abdomen & it was all hollow. Diego’s hand felt like there’s nothing where he was seeing Sandy standing. It was all airy feeling. Diego was shocked. He tried stabbing thrice more. No effect. Sandy started smiling at him! ! ! He concluded this story with just one sentence. I fooled people same way 8 years back. I died in this gallery by getting bitten by the audience while I was fooling them in the same way.

Next day when gallery opened,the torch’s window was empty. There was no torch in the gallery but it lit another in one’s mind before it left.

130484- Part 1. 

130484- Part 1. 

Since long time, I’ve been reading, referring people & talking to people about a story. My mom says, its the concept that have made a record in occupying my mind for longer time. To be honest, mom is right somewhere. . . . Because the topic I am gonna write here is a topic which has inspired & encouraged me to look at Indian Armed forces in a different way all together. While researching about the incident which  we’re going to discuss here, I even found my hero in that story.

Most of you, might have come across this incident but I don’t know how many of you have come across the whole story & the people who were the real characters,  ‘active characters’ I would rather say.

I used to have a habit of watching at least one Hollywood movie a day (it used to be midnight in fact) So one midnight, I watched a simple movie (in last few years, in Hollywood I really haven’t come across such a simple film & a film with such a little bang-bang.) named ‘Little Boy.’ It’s a film which is based on ‘Pearl Harbour’incident during World War II. Then its after effects in USA & in small villages of USA.

While watching that movie, I thought about an Indian version of that film. I started thinking about an Indian story that can make this Hollywood film happen in India. Google extended its help for me to search the best stories.

Somehow I landed up on Indian Army’s website. That inspirational commanding language, those photographs of aspiring officers & then the glorious stories of operations conducted by Indian army which were written with a great passion. These all things filled me with mixed emotions of pride & humbleness.

I started making notes of my readings about such operations. Among these all operations one operation made me more curios as it was an operation that has started long back, but haven’t concluded yet. Indians are still paying the costs for that operation & we are still losing our soldiers to keep that operation going.


This operation has been a matter of existence as the enemy is continuously claiming its ownership on the land which was never been in their territory. Indian army knows the strategic importance of that region for India’s sovereignty, the region where this whole operation is taking place.  The great Indian thinkers (who are usually sitting in USA)think that Indian government is spending too much on this operation and the no-man’s land where this operation take place. But the reality & the reasons for which the operation has been kept running, are different.

Now you might have understood, what operation am I talking about. . . Yes its the only operation in the world, which is happening on the highest battleground of the world. Its not just an operation but a lifestyle which demands a special physical readiness,  efficiency & strong minds. Its definitely not a place for weaker ones. Its ‘Operation Meghdoot.’ Even while naming this operation, Army showed its interest in arts & literature. As few of you’d be aware about a great Sanskrit epic named Meghdoot by equally great Sanskrit poet ‘Kalidasa.’ has a reference of clouds are appointed as messengers by king!’Yaksha’ to keep an eye on the well being of his loved girl. In a similar way Army has guards appointed for the safety of our motherland on the top of the world & the coldest part of India. It gives me goose bumps when I imagine a person(soldier) spending his 3 months in -20 degrees & even guarding the post which has limited resources, (as climate hold all aces of the game here & bigger camps might make enemy aware of it.

Source: -TOI.

Now, this all guard & building camps comes on the later part. But you would be surprised by knowing that Indian Army wasn’t aware about strategic importance in fact was not aware about the secret actions & operations enemy (Pakistan, who else?? )was planning to capture this siachen region. Our army came to know about it after 15 years by when, enemy had started its primary steps to claim the ownership of that land.

One might think that,  what is so special about that land? ? what is something great that  enemy was going to do by capturing the land which is fully covered under snow for all 365 days a year. The land which demands special jackets & precautions to sustain. The land where nature tests your patience & capacity to survive. And this all happens to the core. So why the enemy was so much eager to take control of such a place. The major reason was the intention of enemy & its friend (China) to sit on Our (India)’s head & control its water sources. And even peeping into army affairs.

Armies always focus on acquiring the highest point in war & then from higher altitude, it becomes easier for them to control the enemy’s actions & also targeting enemy becomes easier. With this same intention Pakistan had started these all operations but they were slower in progress. By the time they make their first strike & capture the point, Indian Army took the control of the competition & ultimately succeeded in pushing the enemy behind.

Now to take all these measures, Indian Army had conducted certain expeditions. These expeditions helped Army to plot the success of acquiring the hold & winning the space which never ever could have thought of becoming a war zone in future.

Yes, one more thing to mention here that to hoist the Indian tri-colour flag first time in Siachen there was no such war,  or bloodshed happened.  But later on till today, there has been many actions & reactions are taking place which is heating the climate in that region. (I really mean,that its heating.)

So to help making this operation successful there has been many hands have done their bit, but a person who even lost his fingers to create a healthy background to make this operation succeed, an officer who has decorated his whole life with memories & army decorated him with honours. His name is ‘Col. Narendra Kumar‘(well known as Bull kumar)

This article is going to be much longer than what you expect & interesting for those who loves real adventure, maybe sometimes boring if you’re a fiction lover.But,  Still to make it little interesting without losing the crust of the whole incident, I am going to make this article in 3 parts. (one is already here) These parts would be a trip of Col. Kumar’s adventures which ultimately helped Army in ‘gaining heights'(literal meaning).

Keep reading for next parts of this story 130484.



It was all good till the popular Chef ‘Abhay’ met his school friend ‘Dushyant.’ Abhay had always been a great cook & later on a celebrity chef. He used to work as a cook at a roadside dhaba (highway food joint concept in India.) on NH-8 (Indian National Highway series) Abhay was gifted with the best culinary skills & was a least talkative nature. His art of making ‘finger-lickin good’ food, one day landed him in one of the best 4- star luxurious hotel in Mumbai.

Though his life changed, his routine didn’t really. Workplace changed but work-time didn’t really. The Dhaba owner cried on Abhay’s farewell. But he blessed him at the same time. Abhay started cooking at his 14 & joined the hotel at 27.

Now, at 39 Abhay is living a celebrity life. But his first love is still the kitchen & tandoor. He has opened his own fine dining in a richest area of Mumbai. Today he has a meeting with an investor at Novotel in BKC. The investor is interested in bringing Abhay on board & start a chain of Leisure hotels.
While on his way Abhay received a whatsapp from the investor’s personal number informing about the change in venue of the meeting. He insisted Abhay to meet him on table no#45 at ‘Aamrapali Hotel’ in southern Mumbai. Fortunately his driver knew the place.

While reaching there Abhay sighted something that he wasn’t really expecting to see. He was passing by a red light district. Then the driver stopped the car in front of an old building that was built during British rule. The billboard ‘Aamrapali’ had shining glittery lights with a pink neon tube. Bouncers greeted Abhay with smile under their manly moustaches. Why wont they greet a person who came out of a crystal shining Silver coloured ‘Bentley’.

All this was happening but suddenly Abhay’s eyes were stumbled upon a woman that was coming out of the main entrance of this hotel. She was a beautiful 5.7” tall sleek but flesh at the right place woman. She passed by Abhay with a smile on her face.

Abhay passed the main entrance & his business adviser had already reached there & told him where the table number 45 was. It was on the fourth floor of the hotel. This hotel wasn’t just a hotel, it didn’t have any star rating or anything such. But when Abhay ascended all 3 floors,  He realised what that hotel was.

Every floor had a different price range for tables. Each table had beautiful women around the customers. Each floor had its own way of serving the customer. And then on fourth floor there was something waiting for Abhay. It was the topmost floor of the hotel & full of amusements an adult can dream of.

Lavish rooms, beautiful girls from every corner of the world & on the other end  there was room full of chaos.\ Because that was a casino which had every single type of gambling games from around the world.

Though gambling has always been illegal in India, it was happening here openly & in a prestigious way. This ‘shining bright but, opens when it dark’world fascinated Abhay big time. At the entrance itself, he found someone. He was trying to remember the name of that person who was smiling at him. And suddenly Abhay said loudly!  “arrey dushi, Dushi Patnaik.” they hugged each other tightly. He was Abhay’s school friend Dushyant. They were meeting each other after almost 20 years.

Dushyant was actually the co-owner of ‘Aamrapali’. He was going to be a part of Abhay’s meeting which both of them came to know after having long discussion before the meeting could actually start.

Meeting happened, but that actually lowered Abhay’s interest in getting into any business but increased the frequency of his visits to Aamrapali. specifically too fourth floor & more specifically the casino section. He learnt the gambling from Dushyant in next couple of months after their meeting. Even he started getting support to win hands from the co-owner itself. So Abhay thought he should try his luck in few other places too.

He kept changing his destinations to gamble & then those new places started rolling against his luck. He even invested in stock market. But lost a huge amount, but then concentrated on betting only in casinos & small game parlours.

Now many people even started seeing him roaming in ‘Matka‘areas. This started hampering his reputation. As he stopped going to Aamrapali, Dushyant also stopped calling him. The reason of not going to Aamrapali wasn’t because he lost interest in going there but drastically falling economic condition of Abhay. In last 2.5 years, Abhay had lost around 2-3 crores in gambling.

In his absence even his own hotel was loosing its reputation. After all the owner was distanced from its entity. Funds curbed & debt reaped. Abhay had left only few thousands left in his hand. He was dipped badly into gambling. One day cops had to arrest him as he was interfering a raid that happened  one of the small gambling unit in Abhay’s presence. Cops were okay to leave him but Abhay started swearing the police officer. Which took him behind the bars.

When he was released. He had lost everything. His friend Dushyant bailed for him. Dushyant couldn’t see Abhay’s condition. This of his sudden fall shocked Dushyant. He offered him financial help which Abhay refused to take.

Abhay said “Dushyant,If anything that you want to help me with,  just gift me few kitchen utensils & a knife set.Let me start the blind again, let me reshuffle…. “. Dushyant was feeling happy that, because of him it was all going to be good again.