Been Doolally….

Been Doolally….

It has been steaming hot and humid in Mumbai for last few days, which actually created a good and strong reason for me to taste something really chilled and new type of drink to curb the heat. At the same time, there was a place that was ruling my mind to visit since the time, my friend had told me about this, few days ago. The place is ‘Doolally’. Me and the people in my acquaintances,who drink are mostly from ‘Drink like fish’ type. And I consider that category as a stereotype, at least when it comes to drinking. My belief has been like, we may drink like fish, but we cant digest like that, really. I might think of giving extra digestion job to my liver, but I prefer giving life to my liver at the same time. Because my liver has noone else to say “Go & get life…” 😉

So, all these things caught up together and actually took me to the wonderful place ‘DOOLALLY (Let me spell that, the way they do!!) at Bandra (w.) The locations of this chained restaurants are actually quiet, peaceful and relaxing. The management of the restaurant has taken care of keeping it at its best by adding soundproof glasses, which actually holds noises from inside & out at the same time. Simple couture, furniture gives a different look to the restaurant altogether. And the food as well as the drinks that they serve has a different taste as well.

Little bit of history about this chain goes with the challenges which the DOOLALLY Group faced at the time of forming and publicising their product, which is ‘Casted beer’. Yes, It is a microbrewery, and my people has little bit awareness about this industry. I am not saying that every segment of my society should know about beer or gather knowledge about beer, but come on, beer and alcoholism is so common in the society. In India, there are local country liquor sources spreaded all over who even sell poison drinks for nuts. What I am talking here, is about the quality which one can get in liquor that they intake. The organised way of manufacturing liquor can even save lives.


Desi’ly Crafted…;)

But my people and my great kings are busy in running their own breweries, which is actually holding micro-brewing industry miles behind the fencing. If you are interested in knowing about DOOLALLY’s story you may by clicking on: –   This microbrewery has branches mainly in Maharashtra and spreaded across the cities like Mumbai & Pune.

Let’s get on the table now. Yeah, it’s usually a task to get a table, right as you arrive. But luckily I found one as soon as I entered. So the first thing that impressed me about this place ( I’d stop calling it either as restaurant/pub/anything else, as its completely a different type of place) was the furniture.


White coloured soft wooden furniture, grabs the attention  at first sight and also gives you a sense to drink limited as the furniture is delicate…;) Jokes apart, but they really have some good furniture here!!

Next thing that uphold my attention was the frames (beers which they serve) hanging on the wall. Each of the frame has the description about the beer. The details written there, might not be some fancy words, but they interests you to try and buy one….And off course you can try one before you buy one. You don’t need to pay for trying it!!(As we say देखनेका पैसा नहीं!!) doolally-taproom

Then next thing that has its own taste is the simple ‘A la carte’. Even I’am being too difficult to use this word, but the menu that is presented here in front of you is just a binded small book which has things which it should have. Nothing more shiny, glittery or lip smacking design, nothing at all……Just a white book and 10-15 item long one pager for Food and the beverages they serve. (lesser promises more delivering.)

Prices are meant to be changed…:)



Apple cider is the best one here, so it never needs flushing out in here….its usually emptied by people for the people (for themselves off course…) So we settled on trying out ‘Hefeweizen’ which is good too. For snacking we usually prefer fries, so we ordered the same here, which came back with 5 types of sauces and yellow curry.

Fries with those sauces…serves good…:)

‘Belgian witbier’ was another one to taste…..And this one we took along with the ‘Ghee roasted Arepas’. (A Venezuelan+Indian combination of Burger kind.) which had a crunchy bread and spiced up chicken which made our conversations good!! The best part about this place is the burgers, where you get choice of making your own burger. (casted again.)

Another best part here is, if you ever get bored by the company that you have, you can just cover that boredom over some card & board games. Yes, here you get some board & card games which you can play while playing with your taste buds. It is a pet friendly place so you can make your pet develop some good taste for beer. After all even your lab must be facing bad cholesterol problem, which the beer can sort out…;)

I found this place a happening but with sensibility, clean though crowded, multi-fascinating though limited options to choose from. It has a unique simplicity that oozes out of the culture of this place has. That attracted me to this place, and made my thought of visiting this place again…:)

पीकाबू. By -आदित्य धायगुडे.

पीकाबू.  By -आदित्य धायगुडे.


घराची बेल वाजली, आणि गेल्याच महिन्यात वर्षाची झालेली काव्या धावत दाराच्या दिशेने गेली. मनालीने दार उघडले. आदित्य आला होता. पंधरा दिवसाच्या बिझनेस ट्रीपवरून घरी परत आल्यावर त्याने एक प्रकारचा नि:श्वास सोडला आणि तो सोफ्यावर बसला. मनालीच्या मागून काव्या आदित्यसमोर आली. सोफ्याला टेकून वरच्या दिशेने डोके करून डोळे मिटून बसलेल्या आदित्यच्या दिशेने पाहून काव्याने एक आवाज केला. बोळक्या चेहर्‍यावर हसू होतं आणि हातात चकलीचा एक चघळून मऊ केलेला तुकडा. ओठांच्या चारही बाजूला चकली पसरली होती. एकदा आवाज करून आदित्यने तिच्याकडे पाहिले नाही म्हणूना तिने पुन्हा तसाच आवाज केला. तरीही आदित्यकडून काहीच प्रतिसाद नाही. आता काव्याने 3-4 वेळा सलग तेच आवाज काढले. आत्तापर्यंत डोळे मिटून चेहर्‍यावर नुसतेच हसू ठेवून मुद्दाम प्रतिसाद ना दिलेल्या आदित्यने यावेळी भॉ!!! असा आवाज करत चेहरा काव्यासमोर आणला. काव्या जोरात हसली. आणि तिने हात आदित्यच्या दिशेने उचलून घेण्यासाठी वळवले. आदित्यने तिला तसंच उचलून घेतलं आणि तिचा चेहरा छान खुलला. तिने आदित्यच्या चेहर्‍याला चेहरा भिडवून ते हक्काचे लाड करून घेतले.

मनाली आतून चहा आणि थोडंफार काहीतरी खायचे घेऊन आली. तिला आज सुट्टी असल्यामुळे काव्याला आज बेबीसिटिंगमध्ये ठेवले नव्हते. आदित्य आणि काव्या त्यांचा आवडीचा खेळ खेळत होते. ‘पीकाबू’. खूप साधा सरळ खेळ, पण काव्याला त्यात जामच मजा येत असे. खेळ म्हणजे काय तर, तुम्ही दोघेही एकमेकांसमोरच आहात. पण तुम्ही तुमचा चेहरा झाकता आणी बाळ खिदळंत सुटतं. ए! भॉक! असं काहीतरी केलं की त्या बाळाला जाम आनंद होतो. हाच खेळ काव्या आणि आदित्य खेळंत होते. आदित्यसाठी त्यात काही एक्साइटिंग असे नव्हते. मात्र काव्याच्या त्या खिदळण्याने त्याला एक छान आनंद मिळत होता.

मनाली त्याच्यासमोर थोडावेळ बसली. तिने पाहिलं आदित्य छान फ्रेश वाटत होता. ते पाहून तिने आपलं बोलणं सुरू केलं. ‘’अरे! आई बाबा म्हणत होते, म्हणजे मला असं वाटतं, की त्यांचे श्रीलंकाचे बुकिंग आपणा केले तर….म्हणजे, एक सरप्राइझ सारखे काहीतरी….एक छान ट्रीप पण होईल त्यांची….म्हणजे असं मला वाटतं!!” आदित्य खेळता खेळताच,मनालीकडे न पाहता, “त्यांना श्रीलंका बघायचंच आहे का??,आय मीन, दुसरे कोणते लोकेशन,??…” मनाली, “ अरे हो,म्हणजे कसं ना, प्रेगनंसीच्या वेळेत, बाबांनी खूप खर्च केला होता, त्यामुळे म्हणले, म्हणजे मला असं वाटतं, की त्यांना जायचंच आहे तर आपण म्हणजे तुझ्याकडून एखादं सर्प्राइझ देऊ त्यांना!!” आदित्यने खेळता-खेळता मनालीकडे हसतमुखाने मान वळवली, आणि पुन्हा आता खुर्ची मागे जाऊन लपून बघणार्‍या काव्याकडे बघून ए!भॉक!! असं म्हणंत हसला…..तो ‘पीकाबू’ खेळंत होता.

मनालीला त्याच्या हसण्याचा नेमका अर्थ कळला नाही. खेळता खेळता काव्याने रिमोट हातात घेतला, तिच्याकडून टिव्ही सुरू झाला. टिव्हीवर एक रिपोर्टर जोरजोरात भांडत होता, आणि त्याखालून जाणार्‍या टिकर टेपवर त्या चॅनेलच्या मदर कंपनीचा शेअर 4% ने वधारलेला दिसत होता. आदित्यने त्या भांडणार्‍याकडे हसतमुखाने दुर्लक्ष केले आणि तो पुन्हा काव्याकडे वळला….तो “पीकाबू” खेळत होता.

आदित्यचा फोन खणाणला, त्याच्या बॉसचा फोन होता. आदित्यने ते पाहून तसाच तो फोन सायलेंट करून तो खेळण्यात मग्न झाला. काव्या त्याच्या कडेवर खिदळत होती. त्याने भरवलेले कुरमुरे, तोंडातल्या जेमतेम दोन दातांनी चघळत होती. त्याच्या फोन ना उचलण्याने, बॉसचा व्हॉट्सॅप मेसेज आला, “होप द ट्रिप वॉज फाइन, आय वुड नीड द मिनीट्स ऑफ युवर मीटिंग्ज एसॅप अ‍ॅन्ड मेल मी युअर कमिंग वीक्स प्लॅन बाय एंड ऑफ द डे!! इतक्या मोठ्या ट्रीपवरून आलेल्या आदित्यने तो मेसेज वाचला आणि रात्रीचे साडेनऊ वाजल्यानंतरसुद्धा ‘डे एंड’ ना झालेल्या बॉसची त्याला कीव आली. त्या विचाराने हसून त्याने फोन बाजूला ठेवला आणि तो काव्याचे गालगुच्चे घेऊन काहीतरी बोबड्या भाषेत बोलता झाला. तो ‘पीकाबू’ खेळत होता.

किराणा सामानाची डिलिव्हरी थोड्या वेळापूर्वीच आलेली होती. कारण थोडेफार सामान टेबलवरच राहिलेले दिसत होते. त्यातली टूथपेस्ट त्याने उचलून घेतली. चारकोल असलेली पेस्ट पाहून त्याला थोडे हसू आले. “काय गं मनाली, टूथपेस्ट चेंज???,” मनाली, “ अरे हो, आई लहानपणी काळ्या पावडरने दात घासायची, तिने मला पण तसाच सल्ला दिला, पण घरात काळी पावडर ठेवणं म्हणजे थोडं डाउनमार्केट वाटतं ना, म्हणून म्हणलं, लेट्स ऑर्डर धिस…” आणि हसली. आदित्यसुद्धा तसाच हसला, त्याला हसताना पाहून कडेवरच्या काव्याच्या गालातसुद्धा हसू फुललं, टूथपेस्ट्सुद्धा क्लास ठरवते हा विचार ऐकून आदित्यला वेगळेच वाटले, तरीही तो ‘पीकाबू’ खेळतंच होता.

पीकाबू या खेळाची खरी मजा तो आज अनुभवत होता. त्याला तो खेळ खर्‍या अर्थाने समजत होता. म्हणजे समोरच असलेली गोष्ट दुर्लक्ष करून त्याच गोष्टीपासून लपणे, म्हणजे वास्तव लपलेले नसून आपणच ते दुर्लक्षित करतो आणि मग हसतमुखाने त्यातून फक्त समोरच्याच्या चेहर्‍यावर आनंद टिकून रहावा, तो एक सहवास टिकून रहावा, उगाच वास्तवाची जाणीव करून देऊन असलेली शांतता भंग न करणे म्हणजेच पीकाबू, हे आदित्यला कळत चालले होते. कारण तो ‘पीकाबू’ खेळत होता.


अमृतसरी कुलछेवाला.

अमृतसरी कुलछेवाला.

अजीत सगळे आवरून आई झोपलेल्या खोलीत येऊन खाली जमिनीवर पडला. रात्रीचे १२.३० झालेले होते. परमजीत अजून आला नव्हता. फोनही स्वीच ऑफ येत होता त्याचा. आईने दिवा बंद करायच्या तयारीत असलेल्या अजीतला विचारले. “परमजीतके पास कितना पैसा होगा जमा….” परमजीत म्हणाला बँक में तो बस यही कुच्ह ४-५ लाख. और मेरे आजके २५००० जुड जाएंगे परमा के भी आजके उतने ही समझ लो…वैसे आजके इस एक कायदे से हडकंप झरूर मचा दिया है बेबो…लोगो ने ८० के लिये भी ५०० निकालने शुरू कर दिये. कुछ तो केहने लगे छुट्टटे भी मत दे भाई…रख ले अपने लिए…. मगर अपना नुकसान कोई नहीं…. अब बस अपने शहर वापस जाना है!!! बेबो हडबडलीच…. क्या केह रहा है तू!!! एव्ढ्यात दाराची कडी वाजली आणि परमजीतही आला….क्या बात है बेबो,आज तो कमाल हो गया सिद्धे छक्के उडा दिये है रातोरात नोटे ही बंद करवा दिए….बस आजकी कमाई तो बहुत हुई है जो लोग अभी तक दुकान मे आकर नोट कमाने की बाते करते थें वही आज नोट उडाकर खतम करने की देख रहे थे….बेबो बहुत चंगा धंदा हुआ है आज…बस अब यहा नही रेहना…चलते है फिर अमृतसर….बहुत कमा लिए इस शहर में,क्यों अजीत,तेरे कुलछे कैसें रहे??? इतका वेळ सांगण्यासाठी थांबलेला आणि Excitement ताणून धरलेला अजीत पण बोलू लागला तसा बेबोच्या चेहर्‍यावरचा रंग उतरू लागला….तिला कळत नव्हतं की हे दोघेही वेगवेगळ्या भागांत धंदे करूनही गावी परतण्याचीच भाषा का करत आहेत??? अजीत आणि परमजीत सांगत असलेले किस्से बर्‍याच प्रमाणात मॅचिंग होते. जसा अजीतच्या अमृतसरी कुलछ्याच्या रेकडीवर येऊन मिश्रा साहेब त्यांनी त्यांच्याकडे असलेल्या 500-1000च्या नोटा खपवण्यासाठी काय काय ठरवलंय ते अजीतसोबत शेअर केलेले होते तसंच काहीसं ऑफिसर शर्मांनी रात्री येऊन सोबत आणलेल्या काही गरीब मुलांना परमजीतच्या छोले पराठे आणि लस्सी खायला घालून 1500रुपये खपवतानाही सांगितले होते.

वर्मा आंटींनी अचानक किट्टी पार्टी ठरवून मोठ्या प्रमाणावर कुलछे छोले मागवून कधी नाही ते स्वत: पैसे दिले होते,तेही 5000च्या टीप सकट…..परमजीतच्या म्हणण्यानुसार पंतप्रधानांच्या नोट्बंदीच्या निर्णयानंतर लगेचच त्याच्याकडे 75 प्लेट छोले पराठे,20प्लेट समोसे आणि 50ग्लास लस्सीची ऑर्डर आली आणि सगळे पेमेंट त्वरीतच 500 च्या नोटांच्या बंडलासह आले होते.

दोघांचे किस्से ऐकून बेबो हैराणच झाली होती. तिच्या घरात इतके पैसे जमा झालेले होते,पण चेहर्‍यावर प्रश्नचिन्ह…..अरे परमजीत,मगर तुम अब गांव जानेका क्यों केह रहें हो??? अब इन इतने पैसों क्या करोगेंं??? करना क्या है बेबो…तुम्हें हवाई जहाज़ से अमृतसर ले जाएंगे, वहां जाकर जो भी कुछ टॅक्स भरना होगा भर लेंगे… और फिर पेशावर जाकर अपनी जमीन खरीदकर बढिया सा महल बना देंगे…रहेंगे वहाके रईस बनकर….होटल खोल देंगे वहा ‘बेब्बो दे पकवान’….अक्खे पाकिस्तान ने जो आज तक देखा ना हो ऐसा पक्वान खिलाएंगे उन्हे….बोटी बोटी अपने हाथोंसे बनी रोटी से बनेगी वहाके लोगोंदी…. अजीतनेही त्याच्या या निर्णयाला सहमती दर्शवणारी मान हलवली.

बेबो कनफ्युस्ड होती ह्याला पेशावर का आठवलं  बरं अचानक….पण तिला एक आनंद होता….तिची मुले श्रीमंत नक्कीच झाली होती….त्यांची स्वप्नं श्रीमंतीत राहण्याची नक्कीच होती, मात्र टॅक्स चोरी करून नसती लफडी डोक्यावर घेण्याची काही त्यांची नियत झाली नाही हे ऐकून तरी तिला बरं वाटत होते. रात्रीचे 2 वाजले होते मात्र गेल्या अर्ध्या तासापासून तिच्या चेहर्‍यावर उमटलेले स्मित काही हलले नव्हते. तिने दिलेल्या संस्कारांचे तिला समाधान वाटत होते. तिने पाकिस्तानात जन्माला घातलेल्या या तिच्या मुलांना तिने अमृतसरमध्ये मोठे केले, कुलछे,छोले,पराठे असे काही साधे पदार्थ बनवण्यास शिकवले. शिकवले काय,परिस्थितीनेच ते सगळे त्यां मुलांच्या हातात दिले.

अमृतसरवरून ते तिघे मुंबईत आले. सोबत थोडेफार पैसे. बेबोला मोठ्या परमजीतने मुंबई सेंट्रलला उतरल्या उतरल्या विचारले- “क्या करेंगे यहा बेबो, पेट भरनेके लिए कुछ तो करना ही होगा…..” बेबो उत्तरली,तुम्हें क्या करने आता है?? परमजीत आणि छोट्या अजीतच्या तोंडून एकच शब्द बाहेर पडला…’कुलछे’ उत्तर ऐकून बेबो हसली आणि म्हणली,”कुलछे,बस यहीं करेंगे….बस नियत नहीं बदलेंगे.शहर बडा और बदनाम है यह,नियत फेर देता है..बस वो नहीं खोनी है!!”

गेल्या 30 वर्षांत त्या तिघांनी मुंबईला भरपूर कुलछे खाऊ घातले होते. लोकांना आपण बनवत असलेले छोले,कुलछे आवडतात हे समजून घेऊन बेबोने काही रोकड जमा झाल्यावर खास अमृतसरवरून तंदूर बनवून मागवली. गेल्या 30 वर्षांत 7-8 वेळा ही तंदूर बदलली, जेणेकरून ती पंजाबची धग मुंबईत बनणार्‍या कुलछ्यांमध्येही तोच स्वाद भरेल आणि तोच स्वाद भरून राहील.

नोटाबंदीने परमजीत आणि अजीतने लोकांची नियतही पाहिली,मात्र बेबोला आपल्या मुलांची अढळ रहिलेली इमानदारी दिसली होती. भारताने रोजीरोटी दिली त्याला जागून आजवर तिची मुले टॅक्स भरून आणि कित्येक भारतीयांची भूक भागवून आपले कर्तव्य पार पाडतच होते, मात्र आज 4 पैसे जास्त मिळाले तरीही ती इमानदारी  ढळली नाही ह्याचे एक समाधान तिच्या चेहर्‍यावर अगदी अमृतसरच्या स्टेट बॅंकेत टॅक्सची स्लिप भरून त्यावर शिक्का घेऊन बाहेर पडेपर्यंत होते. तिने बॅंंकेच्या समोरच बोर्ड पाहिला, मशहूर अमृतसरी कुलछेवाले…आणि ती एकट्यातच हसली.


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This morning was started with reading the newspapers. Let me tell you that the only part I check in the newspaper is either the food related articles/reviews or articles related with certain new places which I can travel to. Rest other pages has something that either the press is pressed to publish or press is used to pressurise us on thinking twice about living in the existing house or to move into some new ‘townships’ which they call.

So today I read about some street food joints around my city (off course there’s only city that exist for me in the world, Mumbai.) A picture that grab my attention and that crave for breakfast suddenly hit my taste-buds was Amritsari Kulchas. Wooow!!! The picture of it was so unhealthy!!! For last few days,  my ‘sinny tongue'(that does sin at almost all of its works) was pinching me to serve her with some spicy food item, (only chillies could have killed her demands forever though) and was showing non-co operation to any other food that I was serving her. Then I found this joint name along with a tempting photo of their delicacies in the newspaper and it just hitched my hunger for a moment. The butter spreaded over that ‘Kulcha’ in the photograph reminded me with a saying in my mother tongue which says ‘खाईन तर तुपाशी नाहीतर उपाशी’ (I will eat it with butter or would prefer staying  starving) But I couldn’t really keep my words as mom presented the one & only, official breakfast of Maharashtra ‘कांदेपोहे’ (Rice fried with onions  and turmeric in it.) Which is equally tempting and best one to kill any other craves,suddenly raised in mornings. So I settled my breakfast on those Kandepohes….But I knew, the day was not going to be like that….(I know that sounds like a turning point of some heroic adventure story..)

During summers I’ve observed that you don’t really feel like eating anything solid, rather demands for liquids increases. (And when you are living with parents, list of liquids shortens too…) So lunch was settled on Thandai & lots of Thandai (An Indian dry fruit-milk delightful mixture). This gave me some really peaceful sleep for the noon. (its actually like a beer’s hangover let me tell you!!…;) )

As I got up, I was shocked to see a platter of Kulchas full of Chole (Spicy chick peas gravy) and Onion salad was being served in simple coned plates (one you see in the image above.) My friend was appreciating me for making this wish and ask him to join me. There were very few but really finger-smakin good varieties being served in my plate. All were Kulchas but fillings were different. Different ‘fillings’ were developing ‘feelings’ of buying the next variety of Kulcha.;) But the best one we both liked were ‘Mixed Double cheese’ and ‘Mixed double Cheese Paneer Kulchas.’

mixed double.jpg

Before we finish these Kulchas and pay the bill let me tell you that I’ve cut our journey to ‘Sainath Fast food‘ in ‘Chembur’. where we found these authentic Amritsari Kulchas being served at absolutely reasonable prices. Before you finish eating your all orders, no one else gets their order, so please be quick while hogging and ordering here. Outlet is small, taste is amazing, chefs are just couple of them and the best part is its Tandoor (Furnace where Kulchas are baked). This Tandoor is specially made and being fixed here from Amritsar, Punjab (a place where Kulcha is originated from). And they change this Tandoor after every 3-4 years, but the make is from Amritsar. So probably this tradition of furnace adds the authentic taste to the Kulchas, that are served here. Because there’s a shop next to it, which serves the Kulchas too, but the taste is here, where we landed.

We hope this post has moved you…moved you to try these Authentikulchas!!! (Authentic Kulchas)

​Sandy & Diego

​Sandy & Diego

This title might resemble to some popular city but it has nothing to do with it or there is no part in the story which is inspired by that name or location. This is just a small sweet story with an answer at the end. And thats it! !
Sandy died in an accident that happened at an art gallery. Sandy was a great artist but was a shy person. He was ridiculously reserved when it came to sharing his interests.He was a person who had seen a great time in his life & before he could see some worst, he died.

He was an illiterate who left his schooling before the results. He was a loner  who used to do lots of mischief only when Shiffy was accompanied with him. Shiffy was his sweet loyal dog of shipperk breed who has been with Sandy for last eight months since Sandy saved him from starving at a freezing cold night. Since that night, Shiffy never left Sandy alone.

Whether, Sandy feed him or he himself sleep in hunger, Shiffy accompanied Sandy everywhere and in every situation. Even Sandy repaid that loyalty with enough care. The only tragedy was they couldn’t see each other before they died. Though they were dieing to see each other when dieing.

So one fine day there was a fine art exhibition happening at the gallery where a crazy artist had kept his artwork on display. It was a torch made up of clay that had a flame litted on it. According to the artist, this flame & its colour is a reflection of a person’s mind who is looking at it. The more pleasant feeling viewer has in his mind. . . pleasant would be the colours the flame would change to. More the greyish thoughts one would have, darker would be the colours of the flame.

Audience started experimenting with this torch by using their own minds. Even Sandy started gazing at the torch from the ticket window. He realised the secret of this torch. He was shocked to see something that he had seen few years ago.

The exhibition was running successfully for extended weeks  and the reason was only because of this ‘Mindful Torch.’ Yes,by this time the audience had named this torch, ‘The Mindful Torch.’ They all had started believing that this torch has something catchy in it, to call it a catch,  and Sandy had already caught the catch & now was going to reveal it.  He was an artist at heart, but he never had appreciated fooling the audience & calling that work an art,  Except that one moment. . . . .

Now, it was the 6th week of this exhibition. One evening when the art gallery was about to close,  Sandy decided to approach the artist who was busy in doing something at the torch.

There were very few visitors had left at the gallery.

Sandy approached him & made his first dialogue with him. He came to know about the artist’s name which was Diego. Diego was having a pleasant personality.

Shiffy was with Sandy but he asked Shiffy to reach home as he wanted some lone time to talk to Diego. Shiffy obeyed the orders & left the gallery. Here Sandy started advising Diego about stopping this crooky way of earning popularity. Sandy had already seen many great artists while working at this gallery. He never wanted this Diego to continue this way of playing with trust of people. Diego asked what Sandy know about this art & how can he call Diego a crook.

Sandy took out a small tube of glitter. He took some glitter on his hand. Threw the glitter at the flame,  and surprisingly it changed its colour. Glitter was of golden colour,even flame took that similar colour.

Here on the other side Shiffy wasn’t happy about living his master alone. He had come little away from the gallery. He stopped walking & turned back towards the gallery. He started his walk towards the gallery. He increased his pace & making his way through the busy street.

Diego realised that Sandy may cause harm to his profits that were growing day by day at this gallery. He continued staring at Sandy when Sandy was looking at him and telling him to stop this crooking business. Diego quickly took out a stabber & tried stabbing Sandy in his abdomen but what a surprise! ! ! !

Stabber simply passed by the abdomen & it was all hollow. Diego’s hand felt like there’s nothing where he was seeing Sandy standing. It was all airy feeling. Diego was shocked. He tried stabbing thrice more. No effect. Sandy started smiling at him! ! ! He concluded this story with just one sentence. I fooled people same way 8 years back. I died in this gallery by getting bitten by the audience while I was fooling them in the same way.

Next day when gallery opened,the torch’s window was empty. There was no torch in the gallery but it lit another in one’s mind before it left.

When God starts playing with the one who is playing God!!

When God starts playing with the one who is playing God!!

This time I have come up with a story which is typically written in relation to the pure Indian culture & tradition. If you’re an avid traveller, I am sure, you must have visited India. India has seen centuries, eras, or millenniums in fact.Indian culture have so many things to know about. Some of them you may call taboos, or you may call them paradigms. Some might think they are illegal and some may call it too conservative. Whatever you call them, but they do exist in India.

If you are an Indian, you must have been familiar with prestige issues. When you live in Indian society, you need to be very careful that your act doesn’t let someone’s social status (we call it Naak kaa sawaal’  literal meaning in English can be Nasal question, which is to do with one’s reputation in society.)

To be honest with you, Indian markets are flooded with top international Automobile brands from around the world. And it’s because of the demand for cars in this market. And you would be surprised to know that rather than being just mode of transport, cars also decide your status in this Indian society. In fact, people prefer gifting cars (of any price range expensive but car.) on marriages & anniversaries. (sometimes just of relationships.) Because that increases the prestige of the one who is gifting. So this is all about Prestige & social status in India.

Now the title of this post is absolutely weird (I’ve tried keeping it abstract)I understand, but the story that I am going to discuss in here has something to do with God, play & God’s play. If you’ve visited India or if you are an Indian, most of you can make out by looking at the image for the post, or if you’ve heard about ‘Ramleela‘,(play which is based on the ancient Indian scripture ‘Ramayana’.)which is again a culture in India. (preferably in northern India)

This story is something to do with Ramleela & it’s actor. If you’ve never come across Ramleela, then you may click on any of the rigged word Ramleela of this post & you may watch, what exactly it is. To keep it simple, like the plays written by the great Shakespeare are presented by various directors & actors of the World, similarly Ramleela is presented by many actors (not glamorous actors/directors though)

So,this Ramleela is usually presented on the auspicious days as the story is something to do with the end of negativity & to establish the rule of positivity. It’s believed that Lord Rama (Indian God) had killed Ravana ( the devil who was also king of Lanka, now Sri Lanka.) And this whole play goes on for whole night & ultimately the actor playing as Lord Rama in the Ramleela gets an opportunity to blast the symbolic Ravana at the end of this play. The actors who get the role of Lord Rama has a huge responsibility as well as prestige in the society. (yes,again!)

Okay, enough of enlightenment & let’s move onto our actual story. So there is a family, which has 6 members, one earning member, who is father. Mother, one son & 3 sisters. Father, due to an accident looses his spine & becomes a responsibility on the other members of the family. This accident does not only affect the income of this family but even demands for some other members to stand and take the financial load of this family.

India still has a big female population not working or not allowed to take a job. This again is because of prestige issue. So in such situations mostly men (of any age) has to take a stand & start earning for his family.  Same happened with Vaman (the only boy from this family.) He just had finished his schooling & he had to take this responsibility without sacrificing education. (must be because education might be affordable, otherwise education doesn’t usually get such preference  in India, at least in the region where this story took place.)

So as Vaman was fit & good-looking he was invited by a local but very popular Theatre Company to take up role of Lord Rama for their Ramleela play. This opportunity was going to be a way for Vaman to show his skill as well as raise his social status as he was offered with role of Lord Rama in first chance itself. But Vaman was looking at it simply as an opportunity to earn for next few months at least. It wasn’t any big chance or anything but just a way to support his family for next whatever months.

Vaman took that role, played very well & impressed the theatre company. For next two months Vaman built up good savings. But then as there were no shows lined up, he had to stop there. But he left it on very good note. His performance impressed this theatre company even asked to keep the silver coated crown which was made by the company specially for the character of Lord Rama.

But ultimately Vaman was unemployed after that, which didn’t really last long and he got an another offer from a comparatively small banner. This time again, he was playing Lord Rama. But the difference this time was the crown which was plated with Nickel. Again, Vaman wasn’t really concerned about the crown or his couture. All he was concerned about payment & by hearing the amount he okayed it & joined the new theatre.

Now this of his acceptance neither created any trouble for him, his family, the new theatre but the one with whom he was working earlier with. the big banner company who gave him the silver coated crown. The problem for them was not that he was playing Lord Rama again, not even the story part of his new play, But the crown that he was about to accept. Their opinion was, he has already been gifted with Silver coated crown & now he is accepting Nickel coated one, which is hampering the reputation, the social status, the ‘Nose Factor’ of that old Big banner. They asked him not to join this new theatre & refuse the role. Vaman decided not to refuse but continue working. But the big banner asked to think & decide or else be ready to bear the consequences.

Now here, the aspect was Vaman accepted the offer for his bread, new group offered him the crown as per their reputation & affordability, but see, whose act affects whose reputation. This is what they call ‘Nose factor’ in India. Even stomach (and the bread off course) isn’t considered when it comes to Nose in here.

The person who was playing as God was even not spared was stuck in between stomach & Nose. Was God really okay with this whole thing.??? (The nasal drama).



#poem#That one tree on the border.

#poem#That one tree on the border.

While reading few poems in regional language of India, I came across a meaningful poem which was of free text genre, Not so glittery words, but simple & touching way of writing is what forced me to make it a mention here.

While reading what I feel about the poet is he must have seen this whole scenery while passing by & that clicked his imagination to turn it into a poem. The original poem is written in Marathi language (Indian regional language from western part of the country)

Original Name: – वेशीवरचं ते एक झाड (That one tree on the Border.)

That one tree  on the plateau used to be sad and lonely.

Its branches were spreaded all over, but without any green sign.

Neither it had shade to let, nor it had any company of birds & their chirps.

Whatever it had was the spirit to exist & the saddened lonely life.

That empty plain had its existence though,

but tree thinks, it doesn’t  even has that existence

which that dry,almost dead tree couldn’t really accept.

The tree was surrounded with lushly green ground,

That was the reason for its sad lonely sound.

the killer,hungry  pest had taken its control

That tree had separated two parts of land,

It was actually become a medium of peace for both parts,

Tree hadn’t realised its own importance,

But the world in where forests were being destroyed for deciding borders,

This tree had become a line for deciding border of the two pieces of land.



This whole poem is really raw in it’s way, unstructured & even very simple. In fact it’s difficult to call it a poem really, but it has a strong meaning which I realised at the end of the read. One doesn’t really understands the meaning of his own existence but, many of times your presence matters a lot to the world. You might find your life meaningless, but your existence in this world always has some meaning though you don’t know it.

Tree is used as a symbol of an individual who has lost his everything & living a life just with a hope.But his existence has a meaning like the tree is actually standing in between two lands and deciding their borders, so that land can be in peace, so as the owners of that land.

The Message that has come out of this set of lines is really amazing. isn’t it.