This morning was started with reading the newspapers. Let me tell you that the only part I check in the newspaper is either the food related articles/reviews or articles related with certain new places which I can travel to. Rest other pages has something that either the press is pressed to publish or press is used to pressurise us on thinking twice about living in the existing house or to move into some new ‘townships’ which they call.

So today I read about some street food joints around my city (off course there’s only city that exist for me in the world, Mumbai.) A picture that grab my attention and that crave for breakfast suddenly hit my taste-buds was Amritsari Kulchas. Wooow!!! The picture of it was so unhealthy!!! For last few days,  my ‘sinny tongue'(that does sin at almost all of its works) was pinching me to serve her with some spicy food item, (only chillies could have killed her demands forever though) and was showing non-co operation to any other food that I was serving her. Then I found this joint name along with a tempting photo of their delicacies in the newspaper and it just hitched my hunger for a moment. The butter spreaded over that ‘Kulcha’ in the photograph reminded me with a saying in my mother tongue which says ‘खाईन तर तुपाशी नाहीतर उपाशी’ (I will eat it with butter or would prefer staying  starving) But I couldn’t really keep my words as mom presented the one & only, official breakfast of Maharashtra ‘कांदेपोहे’ (Rice fried with onions  and turmeric in it.) Which is equally tempting and best one to kill any other craves,suddenly raised in mornings. So I settled my breakfast on those Kandepohes….But I knew, the day was not going to be like that….(I know that sounds like a turning point of some heroic adventure story..)

During summers I’ve observed that you don’t really feel like eating anything solid, rather demands for liquids increases. (And when you are living with parents, list of liquids shortens too…) So lunch was settled on Thandai & lots of Thandai (An Indian dry fruit-milk delightful mixture). This gave me some really peaceful sleep for the noon. (its actually like a beer’s hangover let me tell you!!…;) )

As I got up, I was shocked to see a platter of Kulchas full of Chole (Spicy chick peas gravy) and Onion salad was being served in simple coned plates (one you see in the image above.) My friend was appreciating me for making this wish and ask him to join me. There were very few but really finger-smakin good varieties being served in my plate. All were Kulchas but fillings were different. Different ‘fillings’ were developing ‘feelings’ of buying the next variety of Kulcha.;) But the best one we both liked were ‘Mixed Double cheese’ and ‘Mixed double Cheese Paneer Kulchas.’

mixed double.jpg

Before we finish these Kulchas and pay the bill let me tell you that I’ve cut our journey to ‘Sainath Fast food‘ in ‘Chembur’. where we found these authentic Amritsari Kulchas being served at absolutely reasonable prices. Before you finish eating your all orders, no one else gets their order, so please be quick while hogging and ordering here. Outlet is small, taste is amazing, chefs are just couple of them and the best part is its Tandoor (Furnace where Kulchas are baked). This Tandoor is specially made and being fixed here from Amritsar, Punjab (a place where Kulcha is originated from). And they change this Tandoor after every 3-4 years, but the make is from Amritsar. So probably this tradition of furnace adds the authentic taste to the Kulchas, that are served here. Because there’s a shop next to it, which serves the Kulchas too, but the taste is here, where we landed.

We hope this post has moved you…moved you to try these Authentikulchas!!! (Authentic Kulchas)


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