Just few hours back, I finished watching a really amazing movie named ‘LION’. The best part of that movie which I found is the travel. The search, and the hunt of one’s origin. Another best part which I found, and thought that it would possibly be the logic, but wasn’t sure that if the point that I’m thinking is really going to make sense in here. The thing which came to my mind just for an instance was the ‘name’ part. I am being a detail watcher, bypassed (probably spared the director) the thought for the name and his whole journey of 90 mins. Ultimately just to know,what special it is going to be concluded on. But the LION who peeped from the hideouts at the end was really a pleasant surprise for me. I was thinking that Seeru can be either because Khandwa is from the region of India where pronunciations & the dialects which you’ll here would be probably funnier than anywhere you find across the world. The accent ads fun to it. Nothing about the language or the way it is, but the combination of innocent face and then the pronunciations of names becomes a hilarious combination altogether.

So yeah, I was talking about the name. The story is from the northern India where even the name of the actor who played adult Seeru (Dev Patel) would have passed off with the possible trauma of hearing his own name as ‘Deb’ instead of ‘Dev.’ Now you’ll ask why am I hammering so much onto name or the way of calling out one’s name. But let me remind you that the name has so much of importance and to find that importance which is almost equal to one’s existence, Seeru has travelled all the way from ‘Tasmania’ to ‘Ganesh Taliya’. And this whole article is going to be more about the name, its origin and its spread.

That day even Russel Peters was talking about Indian names and their funny spells. He rightly said that the names has their own origins in India, and their spellings might even create a joke and so as it can change the origin and meaning of the name. Without going too far, lets take my own name, I spell it, Aditya, which for me means 9th name of Sun. Now at times My name is spelled as Aaditya which hurts me a lot when written by someone. If I take that spelling and go to the southern part of India, automatically the meaning of my name changes to the name of Lord Ganesha, even it changes the pronunciation as well, with that prolonged ‘आ'(open your jaws and pin your palm and then scream out.) Which makes me appear before the person calling me finishes pronouncing (mis-pronouncing rather) my name. I just feel lost in that crowd where my name is misinterpreted. Next big thing happens when my last name comes into picture. ‘Dhaigude’, a simple 8 lettered surname finds hard times to reach the next paper with all alphabets in a proper order. People simply rips it off while writing or even hearing and pronouncing it. I don’t know how you’ve pronounced it, while reading it through. To be honest, the spell check caught my surname and suggesting Loudhailer as a term, I don’t know where from it comes into suggestions, but yeah this is my problem. Hardly there are people on this planet who pronounced my complete name without giving me a complex.

The worst part is, when I spelled my name to a British guy over the call, he actually said ”you sound really harsh girl” I replied who is girl here, he said the name you spelled sound girlish….come on guys, Its my name, its a real serious business, you can’t just tear it the way you want. And that too changing my gender, my voice is in Dbs, in fact higher than if there’s any unit exists. One cant just change my gender by reading my name.

So the matter of the fact which meant me to post this one is name really matters in your life. And other’s too, the way you pronounce it, the way you pronounce your own, creates an image, an identity, and yes, I feel that name is important, name is not just for name’sake. But by thinking about name and the one who lost it, really is like that Seeru who was lost in the world. respect the name. That makes one LION in their lives, or turn into cats without powerful paws.

There are many LIONs out there, you might be one of them, respect them all…..


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