It’s been couple and a half years since whenIndians are being introduced to a term called ‘Collective Development.’ The effect of this term is collated even by the other powerful economies of the World. 

A political leader tookover the rule by promoting his own face as the face of development and surprisingly in a country like India, this leader’s party agreed to work under his face. I specifically mentioned the country like India is because here there is a stiff competition in all fields and politics is considered as a sludge of manipulations, political arbitrages and self-centered people and ‘families’. Even though all such things existed, this face of development started its rule. The agenda of this newly formed government contained more of sentimental and nationalistic approach towards governance. They had ample of time to observe the then-existed government, find the loopholes from the 10 year-long administration and design their agenda and then present it in the new bottle. The wine has been bitter for those who were suffering. People of India were finding an option.(like a husbands looking for change in his 10 year old married life)
To be honest now the days are changed where subjects are not expecting much from their kings, as they know ‘rockefellers’ are everywhere but giving a chance to one who has a better face. And yes,  this formula worked for BJP(Bharatiya Janata Party).An Indian political party that had a good political credibility.(and they are maintaining it comparitively well.)So the crown came to them. 

Now lets begin with the current scenario. This week has been started with a grand chaos among people of India,where the chaos’s been erupted because of the sudden ban on high-valued currency denominations from Indian economy.

They declared this as an action upon the money launderers who have been causing harm to Indian economy by saturation of currency at limited nodes and resulting into problems like inflation,currency deficite and then it was birthing crimes such as spread of fake currencies,tax evading, indirect funding to terrorism and war lords as well as drug trafficing activities. By this sudden ban (though few say that news was leaked only among criminals first) economists and thinkers feel that there would be a great inflow of high value currency would start coming to banks and the evaders would be traced while transactions are taking place. This would have a positive effect on Indianeconomy and new discipline can be introduced in many of Indian industries. 

Cash in hand is something that is necessary while transacting in countries like India. Most of  FMCG requirements are  still fulfilled against cash. But this sudden action has caused a huge impact on such sectors. There have been incidents like burning of notes in bundles, throwing them in dustbins or even advance payments of taxes, salaries, debts etc. But accordibg to the finance ministry, any transaction that has been done through bank would have a footmark left behind and would lead to legal actions on tax evaders. 

This whole thing has created a huge trouble for those who didn’t handled any cash in hand but had to walk upto banks to withdraw as per their requirements. Surprisingly, though these decisions were made to catch the evaders or those big shots who have been hanging around with bundles of cash in the pockets were hardly seen at any of these banks. Though there were long queus outside the banks, most of them (I think all of them) were middle class or people who had their hard earned money kept for emergencies. They all had come out feeling that even they would be enquired for what they had in their accounts which wasn’t the case though. 

There have been a mixture of opinions about this decision as per the day that passed and as per the level of frustration these all queued people were going through. Many of the political scientist started their discussions in their air-conditioned rooms by  showing the empathy towards all these people, but the fact was things kept on improving day by day and the oppose was neutralised with the time that passed. 

Now let me tell you, that I have written this article on the 4th day of that weakening week. But things were really horrible for everyone, including the economy. People are running for money,(yes, this time its running for money & not behind money)have kept their spirits unturned till now. Have been managing in whatever banks giving them.(though the bank has taken their money to use it for bank’s own benefit)Humanity was witnessed at multiple places, patience were kept and even broken out during all these days. Casualities, formalities everything was visible out there, but where were thieves, those for whom this trap was made. . . . let the time tell us everything. 

They all say that, the transition has its own way of confusing people but when it makes the way out, suddenly everything starts making sense. . . . . Tonz of cash has been tracked down,  more might be on its way. India has come in limelight  of the world by banning old 500 & 1000 currency notes and making tonz of cash notes worth a ‘0’ value. There would definately be attempts of thieves who will still try & save their ****s but still something is better than nothing, isnt it? 

I am optimistic about all this. . . are you too? ? ? 


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