Since long time, I’ve been reading, referring people & talking to people about a story. My mom says, its the concept that have made a record in occupying my mind for longer time. To be honest, mom is right somewhere. . . . Because the topic I am gonna write here is a topic which has inspired & encouraged me to look at Indian Armed forces in a different way all together. While researching about the incident which  we’re going to discuss here, I even found my hero in that story.

Most of you, might have come across this incident but I don’t know how many of you have come across the whole story & the people who were the real characters,  ‘active characters’ I would rather say.

I used to have a habit of watching at least one Hollywood movie a day (it used to be midnight in fact) So one midnight, I watched a simple movie (in last few years, in Hollywood I really haven’t come across such a simple film & a film with such a little bang-bang.) named ‘Little Boy.’ It’s a film which is based on ‘Pearl Harbour’incident during World War II. Then its after effects in USA & in small villages of USA.

While watching that movie, I thought about an Indian version of that film. I started thinking about an Indian story that can make this Hollywood film happen in India. Google extended its help for me to search the best stories.

Somehow I landed up on Indian Army’s website. That inspirational commanding language, those photographs of aspiring officers & then the glorious stories of operations conducted by Indian army which were written with a great passion. These all things filled me with mixed emotions of pride & humbleness.

I started making notes of my readings about such operations. Among these all operations one operation made me more curios as it was an operation that has started long back, but haven’t concluded yet. Indians are still paying the costs for that operation & we are still losing our soldiers to keep that operation going.


This operation has been a matter of existence as the enemy is continuously claiming its ownership on the land which was never been in their territory. Indian army knows the strategic importance of that region for India’s sovereignty, the region where this whole operation is taking place.  The great Indian thinkers (who are usually sitting in USA)think that Indian government is spending too much on this operation and the no-man’s land where this operation take place. But the reality & the reasons for which the operation has been kept running, are different.

Now you might have understood, what operation am I talking about. . . Yes its the only operation in the world, which is happening on the highest battleground of the world. Its not just an operation but a lifestyle which demands a special physical readiness,  efficiency & strong minds. Its definitely not a place for weaker ones. Its ‘Operation Meghdoot.’ Even while naming this operation, Army showed its interest in arts & literature. As few of you’d be aware about a great Sanskrit epic named Meghdoot by equally great Sanskrit poet ‘Kalidasa.’ has a reference of clouds are appointed as messengers by king!’Yaksha’ to keep an eye on the well being of his loved girl. In a similar way Army has guards appointed for the safety of our motherland on the top of the world & the coldest part of India. It gives me goose bumps when I imagine a person(soldier) spending his 3 months in -20 degrees & even guarding the post which has limited resources, (as climate hold all aces of the game here & bigger camps might make enemy aware of it.

Source: -TOI.

Now, this all guard & building camps comes on the later part. But you would be surprised by knowing that Indian Army wasn’t aware about strategic importance in fact was not aware about the secret actions & operations enemy (Pakistan, who else?? )was planning to capture this siachen region. Our army came to know about it after 15 years by when, enemy had started its primary steps to claim the ownership of that land.

One might think that,  what is so special about that land? ? what is something great that  enemy was going to do by capturing the land which is fully covered under snow for all 365 days a year. The land which demands special jackets & precautions to sustain. The land where nature tests your patience & capacity to survive. And this all happens to the core. So why the enemy was so much eager to take control of such a place. The major reason was the intention of enemy & its friend (China) to sit on Our (India)’s head & control its water sources. And even peeping into army affairs.

Armies always focus on acquiring the highest point in war & then from higher altitude, it becomes easier for them to control the enemy’s actions & also targeting enemy becomes easier. With this same intention Pakistan had started these all operations but they were slower in progress. By the time they make their first strike & capture the point, Indian Army took the control of the competition & ultimately succeeded in pushing the enemy behind.

Now to take all these measures, Indian Army had conducted certain expeditions. These expeditions helped Army to plot the success of acquiring the hold & winning the space which never ever could have thought of becoming a war zone in future.

Yes, one more thing to mention here that to hoist the Indian tri-colour flag first time in Siachen there was no such war,  or bloodshed happened.  But later on till today, there has been many actions & reactions are taking place which is heating the climate in that region. (I really mean,that its heating.)

So to help making this operation successful there has been many hands have done their bit, but a person who even lost his fingers to create a healthy background to make this operation succeed, an officer who has decorated his whole life with memories & army decorated him with honours. His name is ‘Col. Narendra Kumar‘(well known as Bull kumar)

This article is going to be much longer than what you expect & interesting for those who loves real adventure, maybe sometimes boring if you’re a fiction lover.But,  Still to make it little interesting without losing the crust of the whole incident, I am going to make this article in 3 parts. (one is already here) These parts would be a trip of Col. Kumar’s adventures which ultimately helped Army in ‘gaining heights'(literal meaning).

Keep reading for next parts of this story 130484.


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