Hello readers!!! Let me wish you, a healthy writing day!!! Yes, I know that officially or nowhere in the calendars of the world there is any such day is mentioned. But I think, I’m going to add a new activity of doing  word-workout on each day. At least in my ruitine.

Now, you’ll say, “what the ***K is this word-workout??? I am already fed-up with the workout that my instructor pushes me to do on every alternate day.” Yes, I know you must have been swearing God for taking an annual gym subscription in an excitement of making body like ‘Stratham‘ or ‘Coleman‘ after watching some video on YouTube while actually searching for some EDM music or something like that. Yes, gyming is definitely worth doing, and I really appreciate your decision of hitting the gym.(and hitting on the instructor, if you find him hot..;))  but this is for your physical health. But, what to do for improving the muscularity of the words which you use. And if you’re a writer, the one which you write. How can you improve the frequency of developing creative ideas for stories to write about??

This is what I was talking about, a ‘Word-workout’. An exercise to develop a tendency of being a creative writer & move to the next level of becoming an author. (And if you’re rich enough, maybe a publisher.) Or you can still choose to be a writer & write yourselves but with unique ideas each time.

So, now let me jump to the topic. What is this word-workout?? and how am I going to do it, regularly??? Where is this gym located??? To be honest, there is no gym that would provide such workout plans. But if you’re really a writer at heart, you must have come across a word called ‘persistence.’

Whatever you write, think of or imagine to be existed, you need to be persistent & loyal to that idea & continue writing. Same way this work out would happen. You need to think of an idea, or get an idea from someone and develop it in your own way. (I know,there’s a way stealing ideas & complete work & simply changing the writer. But I am a Man of values, so I don’t do that & leave it up to you.)

I know, it’s not always easy to develop a new idea each time you sit to write. But then, why not to take ideas from outside. Yes, there are ideas banks around you, which you can take a help of get ideas from them & start the development.(of that idea & your efficiency of developing such ideas.) But you know what, these idea banks, don’t charge you anything for keeping ideas with them for your needs. You simply need to be persistent & ready to develop most of those ideas.

Off, course each of those ideas might not interest you but few of them, and then you never know which idea might take you above all & might make you wealthy. (I’m talking of cash at bank here, I know words are wealth but they don’t really give you bread.)

So now about the locations of these Idea banks. You may find these banks in some of city library round the corner or in your school/college/workplace library. You can even search for such ideas on internet. (for ex: – search for 10 short story ideas.) Even your parents/grandparents has few things to tell which might give you some ideas.(old wine in new bottle kinda.)

Also I have come across few good apps (on android,as I am not a pricey chap) to give you certain ideas & turn it into mind blowing stories. You may search on app store like writing ideas & it would give you whole lot of apps to downloaded.

These are gyms for your word-workouts & they are dumb bells as well. So take the heaviest ones & start the workout!!!

I’m going to start it from today & you can see the results by tomorrow.


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