We discussed in the last post about a story full of interesting twists & off course the climax: – https://writingheartout.wordpress.com/2016/10/12/the-hidden-wealth/

Now this time, let’s discuss something realistic & tragic.

If you’re following Indian media (almost all news channels based in Noida i.e. National capital region of India(Delhi NCR) & also major newspapers) you would definitely understand what made me post something like this.

But truly nowadays Indian media & few pressure groups in India are interested in wars to happen, traditional warlords are ready to fund this so-called permanent ‘peacemaking ‘ act which they feel important for the better world. Yes, i do agree that terrorism is now getting personal, I really mean it because nowadays it’s no more even a group act to spread terror, but an individual can even crack a massacre in any part of the world & then innocents are killed usually by suicide bombings at crowded places or firing at the busy square of any top city.

These things when I read them through the news articles or even social media is nowadays full of content that can do enough ‘Awakening'(they call it) & quench the thirst of patriotism. So while reading through all this crap, I came across a beautiful  book  written by an Indian author who was born in the region that even felt the heat of enough of patriotic activities & even got a status of new land after partition between India & Pakistan. The book I am talking about is Train to Pakistan.’ written by well renowned & decorated author ‘Mr. Khushwant Singh.

Being an Indian but born in post-independence era, I can’t really imagine what Indians have gone through to earn this bird of independence. I don’t know how much of blood have the patriots have shed to gain this independence.  I have no idea which thought have worked better to get this independence. (violence/non-violence) In fact I have no right to make this comparison like a stupid, when I was not even in the scene. But I can just understand the responsibility of giving justice to those sacrifices by valuing them & by being a responsible citizen of this country.

Indians lost many of their people during this struggle for independence. But on the midnight it even witnessed the heavy bloodshed by start of a new struggle for claiming their lands & then dividing themselves on the basis of religion predominantly.  Yes, off course there was a political agenda behind this new ‘headache‘ & its obvious that it was a conspiracy of the departing ones to initiate a rule of puppets in the new countries (single piece of land though).

So this Book which I am going to talk about here is not about that political agenda or conspiracies, neither those departing ones nor the arriving ones or on this partition. But it’s about the people who actually went on & suffered through this whole partition process. Its known that 2% people rule the world, same applies to the countries in world and India-Pakistan were not excepted though. In fact Europeans call it most tragic migration of the human history. So how tragic was it?? what exactly people saw, gone through but least expressed while this partition was taking place?? these all factors are studied & expressed by this author in this book really well.

I am definitely not a person who has a right to comment on his writing for sure but still I can definitely share my opinion after reading his novel. So the book comprise of various incidents during the transitions after a country came into existence. Muslims were asked to relocate in Pakistan & Indians were of various religions which were Hindus, Sikhs,many of Muslims as well, Sindhi etc.

They divided one nation on the basis of religion, but it actually divided people & their hearts. Because during this phase it was not only the rulers who were making decisions but the governance of these countries wasn’t capable enough to control this hockey-poky situation. Subjects were behaving as they want & bullies were actually ruling on the grass-root levels.

This situation was fertile to have a religious massacre created & to benefit pressure groups who follow a particular religion. So ultimately they emerged as saviours (there are instances where yes they saved)for migrants. So these incidents are portrayed in this book really well.

Yes, I think I forgot to mention that this whole story and its situations are taking place in an imaginary village which is located on the border of India & Pakistan. You might relate to the real stories or the stories of your grandparents & fathers who told their experiences if they have survived through this tragedy.

Now the characters which are developed & used in this characters have their own qualities & they are actually portraying the people & their tendencies which usually you may come across especially in the region where this story takes place. The characterisation describes the much of human part, the traits & characteristics you come across, they are rigid & dynamic at the same time.

I know I am writing this post too late as there is already a movie that has been shot, but the story has that catchy thing in it, so its better to buy this novel & read the whole thing. It’s just not a thing but the history of one of the tragic migrations of the world. you may visit the link to buy this amazing novel http://www.amazon.in/Train-Pakistan-Khushwant-Singh/dp/0143065882


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