While reading few poems in regional language of India, I came across a meaningful poem which was of free text genre, Not so glittery words, but simple & touching way of writing is what forced me to make it a mention here.

While reading what I feel about the poet is he must have seen this whole scenery while passing by & that clicked his imagination to turn it into a poem. The original poem is written in Marathi language (Indian regional language from western part of the country)

Original Name: – वेशीवरचं ते एक झाड (That one tree on the Border.)

That one tree  on the plateau used to be sad and lonely.

Its branches were spreaded all over, but without any green sign.

Neither it had shade to let, nor it had any company of birds & their chirps.

Whatever it had was the spirit to exist & the saddened lonely life.

That empty plain had its existence though,

but tree thinks, it doesn’t  even has that existence

which that dry,almost dead tree couldn’t really accept.

The tree was surrounded with lushly green ground,

That was the reason for its sad lonely sound.

the killer,hungry  pest had taken its control

That tree had separated two parts of land,

It was actually become a medium of peace for both parts,

Tree hadn’t realised its own importance,

But the world in where forests were being destroyed for deciding borders,

This tree had become a line for deciding border of the two pieces of land.



This whole poem is really raw in it’s way, unstructured & even very simple. In fact it’s difficult to call it a poem really, but it has a strong meaning which I realised at the end of the read. One doesn’t really understands the meaning of his own existence but, many of times your presence matters a lot to the world. You might find your life meaningless, but your existence in this world always has some meaning though you don’t know it.

Tree is used as a symbol of an individual who has lost his everything & living a life just with a hope.But his existence has a meaning like the tree is actually standing in between two lands and deciding their borders, so that land can be in peace, so as the owners of that land.

The Message that has come out of this set of lines is really amazing. isn’t it.








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