Yes, title is bit sort of sporty & is capable enough to make one curious though. But the story is really short & again originally written by the same Hebrew writer who wrote the story which I mentioned in the previous post. Still if you are reading my posts first time, the name of writer is Etgar Keret, and my previous post was about #Girl & the Fridge which is a short story written by him.

Now, this ‘World Champion’ is a story of a retired father, his wife & his son.There is a villain in the story whose defeat makes one the World Champion. The best part of the story is the kind & innocent nature of the father that’s been portrayed in very small description.

I personally like this writer,because of the way he depicts the expressions & situations in such a short way,that might take long 2-3 pages for us to describe about. But Etgar’s writing has that one magical way where he creates the whole picture & revive those characters in front of you, that too in a very short way.

So in the story; the son gifts his father a navel cleaner with golden plating that becomes a pass time for his retired father. They have a house with an extra room on the top. They let that room to a person, (quite a rude & arrogant person  I would say.)  who refuses to leave even after completing the lease term. On top of this, he abuses the landlord (retired father & the other members) whenever the go & ask for pending rent & to vacate the room.

Father is of kind nature & a believer of peace. Son comes to know about this after returning from other town where he is employed. This boy is also of similar nature like his father, but the situation & his young age pushes him to do something against his nature. But that really helps in changing the situation. This make him feel like a ‘World Champion.’   What he really did?? What made him feel so proud about himself??? What was that one thing which he did by going out of his way & that turned the situation in their favour??I think you should read that story & own that experience.

Story is part of the book, The Girl on the Fridge. To buy the book, you may visit: – Girl on the Fridge: Stories Paperback20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0374531056&SubscriptionId=1MGPYB6YW3HWK55XCGG2


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