By reading the title you might think that it’s just an obvious statement though; but the reason of making that statement here on this blog has come through a process which took my almost six months & finally this whole process concluded somewhere in my notes which is now being penned down,here in this post.

one fine day,(midnight in fact ;)) I came back home from work. I have a habit of watching Hollywood movies at midnight on Netflix. Now these movies are of any random genre. Mostly the poster of the movie is the decider for me to watch any particular movie that I watch. This of my habit also disappoint me many times. But it dint for many of them.

So it was a day on which my investments on Netflix repaid me with a real good idea. It was a movie called Little boy.  This movie as the name suggests, is about a Little boy, his love towards his Army man  father, and actually it’s all about Faith. Be it in God, love or your country. It’s all about Faith.

If History interests you, this film also do have an interesting part here that Little Boy is the real name of the disastrous Atom Bomb that USA used against Japan, during second world war. The Bomb which turned the fortunes of Japanese cities like Hiroshima & Nagasaki. Basically this story takes place in the same World War II era. The Boy (named pepper) has been waiting for his father to return from a national duty, his young elder brother who failed to get selected in U.S. army, uses his that anger against Japanese people settled in USA. Eventually, Pepper flows with the angry american subjects who start troubling native Japanese based in that small american village.

Obviously, as it’s a movie it has to be full of coincidences. Even in this movie, somehow the father manages to reach home safely. And the boy relates it to the power of God, whereas the reality is different. The devastating Atom bomb used by USA, forced the World order to stop the war, which relived all the armies & they returned back home. But for pepper his acts had returned his father to him. His this faith is used uniquely throughout the movie. And that has been portrayed from time to time,which is an interesting  also stupendous part of this story.

Now as you all know what the film is all about,   let me tell you, what special did happened after watching this movie.

While I was watching this film, at almost 1.a.m (IST) my mind was busy in developing its own Indian version of this movie. That night the first time, I didn’t sleep for long  after watching a film. This really never happened even after any horror movie. (honestly, just once when I watched 30 days of night & Nightmare at Elm street.  back to back, then I had lost my sleep that night) but else I have never ever lost sleep for anything or because of anything.

So I let my mind go with it’s flow. (by thinking that, at least by this lot of thinking I may fall asleep.) But then I tell you, from that night I used to wait for my day to end & then to research about the incidents that happened in Indian history, which was similar to that of the film.

I covered almost all history pages available online to get an interesting incident which I can write about, but then it hooked me on one of the ongoing conflict. And I finalised my story to be based upon.

But I feel it wont be right to first describe about the film & then give a secondary treatment to the serious issue that we are going to discuss about. I apologise here, but I wrote so much in this post, that it wouldn’t keep the importance of that conflict intact. So, let me describe my part in the next post. Request you to wait for the next read…..



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