The story I am going to discuss now is a short story which I had come across during my college days.  ( almost half a decade now), off course not through college library but through one of my friend.

Fortunately, I enjoyed my schooling & high schooling to the fullest, be it sports, mischief & then college days were the days I went on exploring traits of life & also continued reading about new things & stuff that is about to take the control of the world.

I am not a fan of big-diary sized novels or sequels such as Harry Potter. Neither I am fascinated by jumps & webs of superheroes, nor I am much fond of science-fiction  or blue eyed vampire love stories.

So,yes Now let me describe the story, that should tell you about my taste of books, But that’s not all, I tell you.

OK, now, focusss!!! Focusss!!! So the story is written by a Hebrew young writer, Etgar Keret. The original story is written in Hebrew language, but I read the English Translation. Name of the story is #Girl on the Fridge. The book is of same title & it has set of various short stories, which also you may like. Stories in the book are really short & interesting I must say…..

So the story is all about a boy, a girl & their strange relationship. Story is covered in just  3 pages. So whatever emotions you’ve got you need to ooze them quickly or you might miss to express. Off course I don’t mind  if you read it with a solid heart, but I w’d say give it a try to express for a second & then coming back, I found it an interesting activity. You might experience something much different.

Now to move into story, without beating around bushes here it goes,  So the boy is bought up in a very protected environment whereas the girl is bought up by herself,she lost her father in an accident & she is held responsible for his death, she always hated her mother as she was of an opinion that her mother always wanted to kill her, and she always considered her later father was the only link between them to call it a family. Girl dint have any siblings & after her father’s death she doesn’t even consider any of her family member has left for her. And she started living her life on her own, though her mother was living with her in same house.Mother was getting older now, but her daughter doesn’t really care whether she stays or dies.

The boy ‘Nahum’ who spent his 4 years with this Girl is actually telling his this past to his current girl friend, this girl friend was fed up with his behaviour as both of them have been in a relationship but Nahum has always been comparing his current life with the past. Which is annoying his this girl friend Ogette. She wanted to know why is he still involved into that Girl who is no more associated with him anymore. So, Nahum decides to tell her why she was so special to him,and here they are….

So the Girl (who doesn’t really have any name other than the one on the fridge) was strong enough to protect herself & she always meant it, in fact in one of the incident, she also saved Nahum.

One question that will stuck our head is what that girl is to do with the Fridge, Why is the fridge in the title? The answer is Fridge is everything of the story, The depth, the dearth, the reason of that girl’s being & the reason of that girl’s emotions. The girl has spent most of her childhood on the Fridge. Now, the reason why??? Please do read the story & the complete book I would say!!! It won’t take much of your time, but you would have a really good time, reading it…..

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