Been Doolally….

Been Doolally….

It has been steaming hot and humid in Mumbai for last few days, which actually created a good and strong reason for me to taste something really chilled and new type of drink to curb the heat. At the same time, there was a place that was ruling my mind to visit since the time, my friend had told me about this, few days ago. The place is ‘Doolally’. Me and the people in my acquaintances,who drink are mostly from ‘Drink like fish’ type. And I consider that category as a stereotype, at least when it comes to drinking. My belief has been like, we may drink like fish, but we cant digest like that, really. I might think of giving extra digestion job to my liver, but I prefer giving life to my liver at the same time. Because my liver has noone else to say “Go & get life…” 😉

So, all these things caught up together and actually took me to the wonderful place ‘DOOLALLY (Let me spell that, the way they do!!) at Bandra (w.) The locations of this chained restaurants are actually quiet, peaceful and relaxing. The management of the restaurant has taken care of keeping it at its best by adding soundproof glasses, which actually holds noises from inside & out at the same time. Simple couture, furniture gives a different look to the restaurant altogether. And the food as well as the drinks that they serve has a different taste as well.

Little bit of history about this chain goes with the challenges which the DOOLALLY Group faced at the time of forming and publicising their product, which is ‘Casted beer’. Yes, It is a microbrewery, and my people has little bit awareness about this industry. I am not saying that every segment of my society should know about beer or gather knowledge about beer, but come on, beer and alcoholism is so common in the society. In India, there are local country liquor sources spreaded all over who even sell poison drinks for nuts. What I am talking here, is about the quality which one can get in liquor that they intake. The organised way of manufacturing liquor can even save lives.


Desi’ly Crafted…;)

But my people and my great kings are busy in running their own breweries, which is actually holding micro-brewing industry miles behind the fencing. If you are interested in knowing about DOOLALLY’s story you may by clicking on: –   This microbrewery has branches mainly in Maharashtra and spreaded across the cities like Mumbai & Pune.

Let’s get on the table now. Yeah, it’s usually a task to get a table, right as you arrive. But luckily I found one as soon as I entered. So the first thing that impressed me about this place ( I’d stop calling it either as restaurant/pub/anything else, as its completely a different type of place) was the furniture.


White coloured soft wooden furniture, grabs the attention  at first sight and also gives you a sense to drink limited as the furniture is delicate…;) Jokes apart, but they really have some good furniture here!!

Next thing that uphold my attention was the frames (beers which they serve) hanging on the wall. Each of the frame has the description about the beer. The details written there, might not be some fancy words, but they interests you to try and buy one….And off course you can try one before you buy one. You don’t need to pay for trying it!!(As we say देखनेका पैसा नहीं!!) doolally-taproom

Then next thing that has its own taste is the simple ‘A la carte’. Even I’am being too difficult to use this word, but the menu that is presented here in front of you is just a binded small book which has things which it should have. Nothing more shiny, glittery or lip smacking design, nothing at all……Just a white book and 10-15 item long one pager for Food and the beverages they serve. (lesser promises more delivering.)

Prices are meant to be changed…:)



Apple cider is the best one here, so it never needs flushing out in here….its usually emptied by people for the people (for themselves off course…) So we settled on trying out ‘Hefeweizen’ which is good too. For snacking we usually prefer fries, so we ordered the same here, which came back with 5 types of sauces and yellow curry.

Fries with those sauces…serves good…:)

‘Belgian witbier’ was another one to taste…..And this one we took along with the ‘Ghee roasted Arepas’. (A Venezuelan+Indian combination of Burger kind.) which had a crunchy bread and spiced up chicken which made our conversations good!! The best part about this place is the burgers, where you get choice of making your own burger. (casted again.)

Another best part here is, if you ever get bored by the company that you have, you can just cover that boredom over some card & board games. Yes, here you get some board & card games which you can play while playing with your taste buds. It is a pet friendly place so you can make your pet develop some good taste for beer. After all even your lab must be facing bad cholesterol problem, which the beer can sort out…;)

I found this place a happening but with sensibility, clean though crowded, multi-fascinating though limited options to choose from. It has a unique simplicity that oozes out of the culture of this place has. That attracted me to this place, and made my thought of visiting this place again…:)

पीकाबू. By -आदित्य धायगुडे.

पीकाबू.  By -आदित्य धायगुडे.


घराची बेल वाजली, आणि गेल्याच महिन्यात वर्षाची झालेली काव्या धावत दाराच्या दिशेने गेली. मनालीने दार उघडले. आदित्य आला होता. पंधरा दिवसाच्या बिझनेस ट्रीपवरून घरी परत आल्यावर त्याने एक प्रकारचा नि:श्वास सोडला आणि तो सोफ्यावर बसला. मनालीच्या मागून काव्या आदित्यसमोर आली. सोफ्याला टेकून वरच्या दिशेने डोके करून डोळे मिटून बसलेल्या आदित्यच्या दिशेने पाहून काव्याने एक आवाज केला. बोळक्या चेहर्‍यावर हसू होतं आणि हातात चकलीचा एक चघळून मऊ केलेला तुकडा. ओठांच्या चारही बाजूला चकली पसरली होती. एकदा आवाज करून आदित्यने तिच्याकडे पाहिले नाही म्हणूना तिने पुन्हा तसाच आवाज केला. तरीही आदित्यकडून काहीच प्रतिसाद नाही. आता काव्याने 3-4 वेळा सलग तेच आवाज काढले. आत्तापर्यंत डोळे मिटून चेहर्‍यावर नुसतेच हसू ठेवून मुद्दाम प्रतिसाद ना दिलेल्या आदित्यने यावेळी भॉ!!! असा आवाज करत चेहरा काव्यासमोर आणला. काव्या जोरात हसली. आणि तिने हात आदित्यच्या दिशेने उचलून घेण्यासाठी वळवले. आदित्यने तिला तसंच उचलून घेतलं आणि तिचा चेहरा छान खुलला. तिने आदित्यच्या चेहर्‍याला चेहरा भिडवून ते हक्काचे लाड करून घेतले.

मनाली आतून चहा आणि थोडंफार काहीतरी खायचे घेऊन आली. तिला आज सुट्टी असल्यामुळे काव्याला आज बेबीसिटिंगमध्ये ठेवले नव्हते. आदित्य आणि काव्या त्यांचा आवडीचा खेळ खेळत होते. ‘पीकाबू’. खूप साधा सरळ खेळ, पण काव्याला त्यात जामच मजा येत असे. खेळ म्हणजे काय तर, तुम्ही दोघेही एकमेकांसमोरच आहात. पण तुम्ही तुमचा चेहरा झाकता आणी बाळ खिदळंत सुटतं. ए! भॉक! असं काहीतरी केलं की त्या बाळाला जाम आनंद होतो. हाच खेळ काव्या आणि आदित्य खेळंत होते. आदित्यसाठी त्यात काही एक्साइटिंग असे नव्हते. मात्र काव्याच्या त्या खिदळण्याने त्याला एक छान आनंद मिळत होता.

मनाली त्याच्यासमोर थोडावेळ बसली. तिने पाहिलं आदित्य छान फ्रेश वाटत होता. ते पाहून तिने आपलं बोलणं सुरू केलं. ‘’अरे! आई बाबा म्हणत होते, म्हणजे मला असं वाटतं, की त्यांचे श्रीलंकाचे बुकिंग आपणा केले तर….म्हणजे, एक सरप्राइझ सारखे काहीतरी….एक छान ट्रीप पण होईल त्यांची….म्हणजे असं मला वाटतं!!” आदित्य खेळता खेळताच,मनालीकडे न पाहता, “त्यांना श्रीलंका बघायचंच आहे का??,आय मीन, दुसरे कोणते लोकेशन,??…” मनाली, “ अरे हो,म्हणजे कसं ना, प्रेगनंसीच्या वेळेत, बाबांनी खूप खर्च केला होता, त्यामुळे म्हणले, म्हणजे मला असं वाटतं, की त्यांना जायचंच आहे तर आपण म्हणजे तुझ्याकडून एखादं सर्प्राइझ देऊ त्यांना!!” आदित्यने खेळता-खेळता मनालीकडे हसतमुखाने मान वळवली, आणि पुन्हा आता खुर्ची मागे जाऊन लपून बघणार्‍या काव्याकडे बघून ए!भॉक!! असं म्हणंत हसला…..तो ‘पीकाबू’ खेळंत होता.

मनालीला त्याच्या हसण्याचा नेमका अर्थ कळला नाही. खेळता खेळता काव्याने रिमोट हातात घेतला, तिच्याकडून टिव्ही सुरू झाला. टिव्हीवर एक रिपोर्टर जोरजोरात भांडत होता, आणि त्याखालून जाणार्‍या टिकर टेपवर त्या चॅनेलच्या मदर कंपनीचा शेअर 4% ने वधारलेला दिसत होता. आदित्यने त्या भांडणार्‍याकडे हसतमुखाने दुर्लक्ष केले आणि तो पुन्हा काव्याकडे वळला….तो “पीकाबू” खेळत होता.

आदित्यचा फोन खणाणला, त्याच्या बॉसचा फोन होता. आदित्यने ते पाहून तसाच तो फोन सायलेंट करून तो खेळण्यात मग्न झाला. काव्या त्याच्या कडेवर खिदळत होती. त्याने भरवलेले कुरमुरे, तोंडातल्या जेमतेम दोन दातांनी चघळत होती. त्याच्या फोन ना उचलण्याने, बॉसचा व्हॉट्सॅप मेसेज आला, “होप द ट्रिप वॉज फाइन, आय वुड नीड द मिनीट्स ऑफ युवर मीटिंग्ज एसॅप अ‍ॅन्ड मेल मी युअर कमिंग वीक्स प्लॅन बाय एंड ऑफ द डे!! इतक्या मोठ्या ट्रीपवरून आलेल्या आदित्यने तो मेसेज वाचला आणि रात्रीचे साडेनऊ वाजल्यानंतरसुद्धा ‘डे एंड’ ना झालेल्या बॉसची त्याला कीव आली. त्या विचाराने हसून त्याने फोन बाजूला ठेवला आणि तो काव्याचे गालगुच्चे घेऊन काहीतरी बोबड्या भाषेत बोलता झाला. तो ‘पीकाबू’ खेळत होता.

किराणा सामानाची डिलिव्हरी थोड्या वेळापूर्वीच आलेली होती. कारण थोडेफार सामान टेबलवरच राहिलेले दिसत होते. त्यातली टूथपेस्ट त्याने उचलून घेतली. चारकोल असलेली पेस्ट पाहून त्याला थोडे हसू आले. “काय गं मनाली, टूथपेस्ट चेंज???,” मनाली, “ अरे हो, आई लहानपणी काळ्या पावडरने दात घासायची, तिने मला पण तसाच सल्ला दिला, पण घरात काळी पावडर ठेवणं म्हणजे थोडं डाउनमार्केट वाटतं ना, म्हणून म्हणलं, लेट्स ऑर्डर धिस…” आणि हसली. आदित्यसुद्धा तसाच हसला, त्याला हसताना पाहून कडेवरच्या काव्याच्या गालातसुद्धा हसू फुललं, टूथपेस्ट्सुद्धा क्लास ठरवते हा विचार ऐकून आदित्यला वेगळेच वाटले, तरीही तो ‘पीकाबू’ खेळतंच होता.

पीकाबू या खेळाची खरी मजा तो आज अनुभवत होता. त्याला तो खेळ खर्‍या अर्थाने समजत होता. म्हणजे समोरच असलेली गोष्ट दुर्लक्ष करून त्याच गोष्टीपासून लपणे, म्हणजे वास्तव लपलेले नसून आपणच ते दुर्लक्षित करतो आणि मग हसतमुखाने त्यातून फक्त समोरच्याच्या चेहर्‍यावर आनंद टिकून रहावा, तो एक सहवास टिकून रहावा, उगाच वास्तवाची जाणीव करून देऊन असलेली शांतता भंग न करणे म्हणजेच पीकाबू, हे आदित्यला कळत चालले होते. कारण तो ‘पीकाबू’ खेळत होता.


अमृतसरी कुलछेवाला.

अमृतसरी कुलछेवाला.

अजीत सगळे आवरून आई झोपलेल्या खोलीत येऊन खाली जमिनीवर पडला. रात्रीचे १२.३० झालेले होते. परमजीत अजून आला नव्हता. फोनही स्वीच ऑफ येत होता त्याचा. आईने दिवा बंद करायच्या तयारीत असलेल्या अजीतला विचारले. “परमजीतके पास कितना पैसा होगा जमा….” परमजीत म्हणाला बँक में तो बस यही कुच्ह ४-५ लाख. और मेरे आजके २५००० जुड जाएंगे परमा के भी आजके उतने ही समझ लो…वैसे आजके इस एक कायदे से हडकंप झरूर मचा दिया है बेबो…लोगो ने ८० के लिये भी ५०० निकालने शुरू कर दिये. कुछ तो केहने लगे छुट्टटे भी मत दे भाई…रख ले अपने लिए…. मगर अपना नुकसान कोई नहीं…. अब बस अपने शहर वापस जाना है!!! बेबो हडबडलीच…. क्या केह रहा है तू!!! एव्ढ्यात दाराची कडी वाजली आणि परमजीतही आला….क्या बात है बेबो,आज तो कमाल हो गया सिद्धे छक्के उडा दिये है रातोरात नोटे ही बंद करवा दिए….बस आजकी कमाई तो बहुत हुई है जो लोग अभी तक दुकान मे आकर नोट कमाने की बाते करते थें वही आज नोट उडाकर खतम करने की देख रहे थे….बेबो बहुत चंगा धंदा हुआ है आज…बस अब यहा नही रेहना…चलते है फिर अमृतसर….बहुत कमा लिए इस शहर में,क्यों अजीत,तेरे कुलछे कैसें रहे??? इतका वेळ सांगण्यासाठी थांबलेला आणि Excitement ताणून धरलेला अजीत पण बोलू लागला तसा बेबोच्या चेहर्‍यावरचा रंग उतरू लागला….तिला कळत नव्हतं की हे दोघेही वेगवेगळ्या भागांत धंदे करूनही गावी परतण्याचीच भाषा का करत आहेत??? अजीत आणि परमजीत सांगत असलेले किस्से बर्‍याच प्रमाणात मॅचिंग होते. जसा अजीतच्या अमृतसरी कुलछ्याच्या रेकडीवर येऊन मिश्रा साहेब त्यांनी त्यांच्याकडे असलेल्या 500-1000च्या नोटा खपवण्यासाठी काय काय ठरवलंय ते अजीतसोबत शेअर केलेले होते तसंच काहीसं ऑफिसर शर्मांनी रात्री येऊन सोबत आणलेल्या काही गरीब मुलांना परमजीतच्या छोले पराठे आणि लस्सी खायला घालून 1500रुपये खपवतानाही सांगितले होते.

वर्मा आंटींनी अचानक किट्टी पार्टी ठरवून मोठ्या प्रमाणावर कुलछे छोले मागवून कधी नाही ते स्वत: पैसे दिले होते,तेही 5000च्या टीप सकट…..परमजीतच्या म्हणण्यानुसार पंतप्रधानांच्या नोट्बंदीच्या निर्णयानंतर लगेचच त्याच्याकडे 75 प्लेट छोले पराठे,20प्लेट समोसे आणि 50ग्लास लस्सीची ऑर्डर आली आणि सगळे पेमेंट त्वरीतच 500 च्या नोटांच्या बंडलासह आले होते.

दोघांचे किस्से ऐकून बेबो हैराणच झाली होती. तिच्या घरात इतके पैसे जमा झालेले होते,पण चेहर्‍यावर प्रश्नचिन्ह…..अरे परमजीत,मगर तुम अब गांव जानेका क्यों केह रहें हो??? अब इन इतने पैसों क्या करोगेंं??? करना क्या है बेबो…तुम्हें हवाई जहाज़ से अमृतसर ले जाएंगे, वहां जाकर जो भी कुछ टॅक्स भरना होगा भर लेंगे… और फिर पेशावर जाकर अपनी जमीन खरीदकर बढिया सा महल बना देंगे…रहेंगे वहाके रईस बनकर….होटल खोल देंगे वहा ‘बेब्बो दे पकवान’….अक्खे पाकिस्तान ने जो आज तक देखा ना हो ऐसा पक्वान खिलाएंगे उन्हे….बोटी बोटी अपने हाथोंसे बनी रोटी से बनेगी वहाके लोगोंदी…. अजीतनेही त्याच्या या निर्णयाला सहमती दर्शवणारी मान हलवली.

बेबो कनफ्युस्ड होती ह्याला पेशावर का आठवलं  बरं अचानक….पण तिला एक आनंद होता….तिची मुले श्रीमंत नक्कीच झाली होती….त्यांची स्वप्नं श्रीमंतीत राहण्याची नक्कीच होती, मात्र टॅक्स चोरी करून नसती लफडी डोक्यावर घेण्याची काही त्यांची नियत झाली नाही हे ऐकून तरी तिला बरं वाटत होते. रात्रीचे 2 वाजले होते मात्र गेल्या अर्ध्या तासापासून तिच्या चेहर्‍यावर उमटलेले स्मित काही हलले नव्हते. तिने दिलेल्या संस्कारांचे तिला समाधान वाटत होते. तिने पाकिस्तानात जन्माला घातलेल्या या तिच्या मुलांना तिने अमृतसरमध्ये मोठे केले, कुलछे,छोले,पराठे असे काही साधे पदार्थ बनवण्यास शिकवले. शिकवले काय,परिस्थितीनेच ते सगळे त्यां मुलांच्या हातात दिले.

अमृतसरवरून ते तिघे मुंबईत आले. सोबत थोडेफार पैसे. बेबोला मोठ्या परमजीतने मुंबई सेंट्रलला उतरल्या उतरल्या विचारले- “क्या करेंगे यहा बेबो, पेट भरनेके लिए कुछ तो करना ही होगा…..” बेबो उत्तरली,तुम्हें क्या करने आता है?? परमजीत आणि छोट्या अजीतच्या तोंडून एकच शब्द बाहेर पडला…’कुलछे’ उत्तर ऐकून बेबो हसली आणि म्हणली,”कुलछे,बस यहीं करेंगे….बस नियत नहीं बदलेंगे.शहर बडा और बदनाम है यह,नियत फेर देता है..बस वो नहीं खोनी है!!”

गेल्या 30 वर्षांत त्या तिघांनी मुंबईला भरपूर कुलछे खाऊ घातले होते. लोकांना आपण बनवत असलेले छोले,कुलछे आवडतात हे समजून घेऊन बेबोने काही रोकड जमा झाल्यावर खास अमृतसरवरून तंदूर बनवून मागवली. गेल्या 30 वर्षांत 7-8 वेळा ही तंदूर बदलली, जेणेकरून ती पंजाबची धग मुंबईत बनणार्‍या कुलछ्यांमध्येही तोच स्वाद भरेल आणि तोच स्वाद भरून राहील.

नोटाबंदीने परमजीत आणि अजीतने लोकांची नियतही पाहिली,मात्र बेबोला आपल्या मुलांची अढळ रहिलेली इमानदारी दिसली होती. भारताने रोजीरोटी दिली त्याला जागून आजवर तिची मुले टॅक्स भरून आणि कित्येक भारतीयांची भूक भागवून आपले कर्तव्य पार पाडतच होते, मात्र आज 4 पैसे जास्त मिळाले तरीही ती इमानदारी  ढळली नाही ह्याचे एक समाधान तिच्या चेहर्‍यावर अगदी अमृतसरच्या स्टेट बॅंकेत टॅक्सची स्लिप भरून त्यावर शिक्का घेऊन बाहेर पडेपर्यंत होते. तिने बॅंंकेच्या समोरच बोर्ड पाहिला, मशहूर अमृतसरी कुलछेवाले…आणि ती एकट्यातच हसली.


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This morning was started with reading the newspapers. Let me tell you that the only part I check in the newspaper is either the food related articles/reviews or articles related with certain new places which I can travel to. Rest other pages has something that either the press is pressed to publish or press is used to pressurise us on thinking twice about living in the existing house or to move into some new ‘townships’ which they call.

So today I read about some street food joints around my city (off course there’s only city that exist for me in the world, Mumbai.) A picture that grab my attention and that crave for breakfast suddenly hit my taste-buds was Amritsari Kulchas. Wooow!!! The picture of it was so unhealthy!!! For last few days,  my ‘sinny tongue'(that does sin at almost all of its works) was pinching me to serve her with some spicy food item, (only chillies could have killed her demands forever though) and was showing non-co operation to any other food that I was serving her. Then I found this joint name along with a tempting photo of their delicacies in the newspaper and it just hitched my hunger for a moment. The butter spreaded over that ‘Kulcha’ in the photograph reminded me with a saying in my mother tongue which says ‘खाईन तर तुपाशी नाहीतर उपाशी’ (I will eat it with butter or would prefer staying  starving) But I couldn’t really keep my words as mom presented the one & only, official breakfast of Maharashtra ‘कांदेपोहे’ (Rice fried with onions  and turmeric in it.) Which is equally tempting and best one to kill any other craves,suddenly raised in mornings. So I settled my breakfast on those Kandepohes….But I knew, the day was not going to be like that….(I know that sounds like a turning point of some heroic adventure story..)

During summers I’ve observed that you don’t really feel like eating anything solid, rather demands for liquids increases. (And when you are living with parents, list of liquids shortens too…) So lunch was settled on Thandai & lots of Thandai (An Indian dry fruit-milk delightful mixture). This gave me some really peaceful sleep for the noon. (its actually like a beer’s hangover let me tell you!!…;) )

As I got up, I was shocked to see a platter of Kulchas full of Chole (Spicy chick peas gravy) and Onion salad was being served in simple coned plates (one you see in the image above.) My friend was appreciating me for making this wish and ask him to join me. There were very few but really finger-smakin good varieties being served in my plate. All were Kulchas but fillings were different. Different ‘fillings’ were developing ‘feelings’ of buying the next variety of Kulcha.;) But the best one we both liked were ‘Mixed Double cheese’ and ‘Mixed double Cheese Paneer Kulchas.’

mixed double.jpg

Before we finish these Kulchas and pay the bill let me tell you that I’ve cut our journey to ‘Sainath Fast food‘ in ‘Chembur’. where we found these authentic Amritsari Kulchas being served at absolutely reasonable prices. Before you finish eating your all orders, no one else gets their order, so please be quick while hogging and ordering here. Outlet is small, taste is amazing, chefs are just couple of them and the best part is its Tandoor (Furnace where Kulchas are baked). This Tandoor is specially made and being fixed here from Amritsar, Punjab (a place where Kulcha is originated from). And they change this Tandoor after every 3-4 years, but the make is from Amritsar. So probably this tradition of furnace adds the authentic taste to the Kulchas, that are served here. Because there’s a shop next to it, which serves the Kulchas too, but the taste is here, where we landed.

We hope this post has moved you…moved you to try these Authentikulchas!!! (Authentic Kulchas)

Many LIONs in life.

Many LIONs in life.

Just few hours back, I finished watching a really amazing movie named ‘LION’. The best part of that movie which I found is the travel. The search, and the hunt of one’s origin. Another best part which I found, and thought that it would possibly be the logic, but wasn’t sure that if the point that I’m thinking is really going to make sense in here. The thing which came to my mind just for an instance was the ‘name’ part. I am being a detail watcher, bypassed (probably spared the director) the thought for the name and his whole journey of 90 mins. Ultimately just to know,what special it is going to be concluded on. But the LION who peeped from the hideouts at the end was really a pleasant surprise for me. I was thinking that Seeru can be either because Khandwa is from the region of India where pronunciations & the dialects which you’ll here would be probably funnier than anywhere you find across the world. The accent ads fun to it. Nothing about the language or the way it is, but the combination of innocent face and then the pronunciations of names becomes a hilarious combination altogether.

So yeah, I was talking about the name. The story is from the northern India where even the name of the actor who played adult Seeru (Dev Patel) would have passed off with the possible trauma of hearing his own name as ‘Deb’ instead of ‘Dev.’ Now you’ll ask why am I hammering so much onto name or the way of calling out one’s name. But let me remind you that the name has so much of importance and to find that importance which is almost equal to one’s existence, Seeru has travelled all the way from ‘Tasmania’ to ‘Ganesh Taliya’. And this whole article is going to be more about the name, its origin and its spread.

That day even Russel Peters was talking about Indian names and their funny spells. He rightly said that the names has their own origins in India, and their spellings might even create a joke and so as it can change the origin and meaning of the name. Without going too far, lets take my own name, I spell it, Aditya, which for me means 9th name of Sun. Now at times My name is spelled as Aaditya which hurts me a lot when written by someone. If I take that spelling and go to the southern part of India, automatically the meaning of my name changes to the name of Lord Ganesha, even it changes the pronunciation as well, with that prolonged ‘आ'(open your jaws and pin your palm and then scream out.) Which makes me appear before the person calling me finishes pronouncing (mis-pronouncing rather) my name. I just feel lost in that crowd where my name is misinterpreted. Next big thing happens when my last name comes into picture. ‘Dhaigude’, a simple 8 lettered surname finds hard times to reach the next paper with all alphabets in a proper order. People simply rips it off while writing or even hearing and pronouncing it. I don’t know how you’ve pronounced it, while reading it through. To be honest, the spell check caught my surname and suggesting Loudhailer as a term, I don’t know where from it comes into suggestions, but yeah this is my problem. Hardly there are people on this planet who pronounced my complete name without giving me a complex.

The worst part is, when I spelled my name to a British guy over the call, he actually said ”you sound really harsh girl” I replied who is girl here, he said the name you spelled sound girlish….come on guys, Its my name, its a real serious business, you can’t just tear it the way you want. And that too changing my gender, my voice is in Dbs, in fact higher than if there’s any unit exists. One cant just change my gender by reading my name.

So the matter of the fact which meant me to post this one is name really matters in your life. And other’s too, the way you pronounce it, the way you pronounce your own, creates an image, an identity, and yes, I feel that name is important, name is not just for name’sake. But by thinking about name and the one who lost it, really is like that Seeru who was lost in the world. respect the name. That makes one LION in their lives, or turn into cats without powerful paws.

There are many LIONs out there, you might be one of them, respect them all…..

Hampified and back…(first sight)

Hampified and back…(first sight)

A short story ‘Vijaystambha'(Pillar of Glory) written by renowned Indian author named Mr.V.S.Khandekar comes alive while you take a walk through Hampi. Yes, Hampi. A 700 years old ancient dynasty(well,now a heritage site by UNESCO) in India has many things to do for a history lover. So no surprise that it attracted me. Its been on my mind for long four year to experience the thrill of visiting a city from a golden era of Indian history. It has never been through any of my school books but yeah after my college, I came across the name HAMPI from somewhere and then search begun. Search took my four years to actually visit the place and witness the glorious era of southern India.

Now one would say, how can we witness what has happened 700 years ago. Even before the idea of cameras were actually would have been incepted. But trust me if you have a camera today, Hampi is a place your lense would crave for. The shine of the golden sparrow( India was known as) would lit up your imagination while you are gazing any of the stoney building of this city.

View from Queens Bath

There is a visual delight of 1000+ buildings with a variery of carvings and designs. In a tour you generally cover just few major ones. Because others are either fallen,or burnt by the invaders or have lost their battle against time. Though you’ll see huge rocks everywhere and around this city,or you’ll feel that the place is just full of rocks everywhere, but let me warn you not to say that loudly while you are in Hampi,or else you’ll found yourselves rocked alive. (Yeah I am saying this while I am sitting 800kms away in Mumbai and writing this article). I am warning you with a reason, as there is a story for two huge rocks adjacent to each other which are known as ‘Two Sister stones’. Locals say, that the two sisters who were abusing Hampi village that its just a place full of rocks, got cursed and were forced to live rocky life ahead. In fact one of the stone is broken due to thunder storm, which they call as death of one of the sister…So beware, curses do work in here…

Sister stones

They say, in Hampi Gold & Silver used to be traded against elephants. This says it all about the wealth in ‘Vijayanagar'(the empire of which Hampi was part of). Vijaynagar was formed after invading raids of negatively famous Allah-ul-din Khilji. The founders of Vijaynagar were Chalukyas. ‘King Krishnadeva raya'(yes the one who had an intelligent chap Tenali Raman) is the ruler who has been popular for his strategies and constructing of temples have lived here in Hampi. His presence has added the importance to the place. Harihar & Bukka Raya founded this Vijayanagar empire.

To travel through Hampi, you have alternatives such as Rickshaws, motorcycles (Bullets too😊),even Karnataka state transport arranges a tour through this site. But if you ask me, if you are willing to get the best out of your to here, hire a mountain bike. Just for INR 150.(price as per Feb 2017.) For whole day. In the vicinity of Hampi Bazaar you’ll find many hiring points for various vehicles. These bikes are light-weighted which you can take to any place and riding becomes easy too.

The best thing to watch in Hampi is huge temples that are surrounded magnificent carvings on the wall. The extreme level of carvings you’ll find is in the building called ‘Hazaar Rama Temple.(1000 Ramas)’ The attraction in there are the 1000 carvings made on the walls of the temple. These carvings are basically every single incident from the scripture ‘Ramayana’.

Carvings on the internal walls of the temple.


Carvings on the exterior wall of the temple.

While looking at these carvings and the perfection of the details on each of the carved sculptures,a question that definitely arises to your mind is, when did they get time to carve with so much perfection and on such a grand scale. And where are these hands now?? is concrete is the only solution for strength of the building??? does craftsmanship still exist in this soil??? (well too many questions actually)  They say, whenever a new part was conquered & added to the empire of Vijayanagar, a new temple used to be built in that new area. The economics of ‘Vijayanagar’ used to have the second share specially allocated for erecting & maintaining the temples in the empire.

These temples used to be of various Indian deities & Gods. (anyways Hindu mythology has crores of Gods to choose from) So wherever you see, or your sight goes, temples are meant to be there.

Nandi (a holy bull) you’ll find placed anywhere you see….

As I am from the busiest city of India, the most fascinating thing I found was, the time. How did these people managed their time to build such a huge monuments, but then my mind said to me. “Dude, you’re looking at the building from a Golden era, when Indians never used to work for any corporations and international traders used to run behind Indians to get Gold and silver cubes, so chill.”

About temples one thing is really interesting is the story about ‘Varaha (a boar-faced God) temple’. Apart from Khiljis even Bahamanian sultans invaded this Vijayanagar and looted the whole kingdom multiple times. They even set the whole empire on fire that burnt the palaces, guest houses (yes they were built for staying of International traders who visited) made up of Sandalwood, even demolished the temples and defaced the idols in there. Today if you see the temples, they are just temples and the idols are either absent or exist with lost glory. But the Varaha temple was left unturned. The logic behind its survival was, a Boar is considered as forbidden, and if one breaks this belief is prohibited from worshipping Islam thenceforth. This belief somehow saved this temple from demolition for certain period but later it was broken with the help of canons without entering in this temple.

Achyutaraya Temple.

So this above image is of Acchyutaraya temple. Acchyuta raya was a king, who is considered as the weaker one. In fact locals say that, under his rule Vijaynagara started facing the downward trend. The glory started diminishing and raiders were benefitted under this weaker leadership. ‘Acchyuta’ is even a name of ‘Lord Vishnu'(an Indian God). So this temple is assumed to be of the God and not of the king.

Beautiful building in Red colored sandstone.

The belief about the divine power was so strong that the kings constructed cisterns especially to store water for ruitine worships of Gods. Special arrangements were made so that water is collected and flown through rocky pipe like structures. Once that water is accumulated in a multi-level well, it was used dedicatedly for daily worships. These wells were called ‘Pushkarni'(literal meaning Lotus pond). Today you’ll find these Pushkarnis at various locations across Hampi.

One of the Pushkarni.

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It’s been couple and a half years since whenIndians are being introduced to a term called ‘Collective Development.’ The effect of this term is collated even by the other powerful economies of the World. 

A political leader tookover the rule by promoting his own face as the face of development and surprisingly in a country like India, this leader’s party agreed to work under his face. I specifically mentioned the country like India is because here there is a stiff competition in all fields and politics is considered as a sludge of manipulations, political arbitrages and self-centered people and ‘families’. Even though all such things existed, this face of development started its rule. The agenda of this newly formed government contained more of sentimental and nationalistic approach towards governance. They had ample of time to observe the then-existed government, find the loopholes from the 10 year-long administration and design their agenda and then present it in the new bottle. The wine has been bitter for those who were suffering. People of India were finding an option.(like a husbands looking for change in his 10 year old married life)
To be honest now the days are changed where subjects are not expecting much from their kings, as they know ‘rockefellers’ are everywhere but giving a chance to one who has a better face. And yes,  this formula worked for BJP(Bharatiya Janata Party).An Indian political party that had a good political credibility.(and they are maintaining it comparitively well.)So the crown came to them. 

Now lets begin with the current scenario. This week has been started with a grand chaos among people of India,where the chaos’s been erupted because of the sudden ban on high-valued currency denominations from Indian economy.

They declared this as an action upon the money launderers who have been causing harm to Indian economy by saturation of currency at limited nodes and resulting into problems like inflation,currency deficite and then it was birthing crimes such as spread of fake currencies,tax evading, indirect funding to terrorism and war lords as well as drug trafficing activities. By this sudden ban (though few say that news was leaked only among criminals first) economists and thinkers feel that there would be a great inflow of high value currency would start coming to banks and the evaders would be traced while transactions are taking place. This would have a positive effect on Indianeconomy and new discipline can be introduced in many of Indian industries. 

Cash in hand is something that is necessary while transacting in countries like India. Most of  FMCG requirements are  still fulfilled against cash. But this sudden action has caused a huge impact on such sectors. There have been incidents like burning of notes in bundles, throwing them in dustbins or even advance payments of taxes, salaries, debts etc. But accordibg to the finance ministry, any transaction that has been done through bank would have a footmark left behind and would lead to legal actions on tax evaders. 

This whole thing has created a huge trouble for those who didn’t handled any cash in hand but had to walk upto banks to withdraw as per their requirements. Surprisingly, though these decisions were made to catch the evaders or those big shots who have been hanging around with bundles of cash in the pockets were hardly seen at any of these banks. Though there were long queus outside the banks, most of them (I think all of them) were middle class or people who had their hard earned money kept for emergencies. They all had come out feeling that even they would be enquired for what they had in their accounts which wasn’t the case though. 

There have been a mixture of opinions about this decision as per the day that passed and as per the level of frustration these all queued people were going through. Many of the political scientist started their discussions in their air-conditioned rooms by  showing the empathy towards all these people, but the fact was things kept on improving day by day and the oppose was neutralised with the time that passed. 

Now let me tell you, that I have written this article on the 4th day of that weakening week. But things were really horrible for everyone, including the economy. People are running for money,(yes, this time its running for money & not behind money)have kept their spirits unturned till now. Have been managing in whatever banks giving them.(though the bank has taken their money to use it for bank’s own benefit)Humanity was witnessed at multiple places, patience were kept and even broken out during all these days. Casualities, formalities everything was visible out there, but where were thieves, those for whom this trap was made. . . . let the time tell us everything. 

They all say that, the transition has its own way of confusing people but when it makes the way out, suddenly everything starts making sense. . . . . Tonz of cash has been tracked down,  more might be on its way. India has come in limelight  of the world by banning old 500 & 1000 currency notes and making tonz of cash notes worth a ‘0’ value. There would definately be attempts of thieves who will still try & save their ****s but still something is better than nothing, isnt it? 

I am optimistic about all this. . . are you too? ? ?